One of the most admired lighting systems in the world is the chandelier. Just like the sound of its name, the chandelier unveils a form of class and luxury to the interiors of any area. Chandeliers can be installed in almost every part of a house, it can give life to the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and in a few special installations, the bathroom. 

A chandelier can be used in almost every space, however, all chandeliers are not perfectly fit for every environment. Before you hurriedly rush into the market to get the exact chandelier you saw a your neighbor’s, be sure to follow up on these chandelier selection tips to help you make the right decision.

Chandelier Selection Guide

Our simple chandelier selection guides were compiled after decade-wide observations on various experiences of a number of clients, who decided to go for these active lighting systems, and have been able to give very resourceful reactions about making the right choice when you’re out to pick a piece for your home.

Chandelier Selection Tips – 1: Theme

Before you make the decision of getting a chandelier, you should be sure of your design goals; do you have a design theme? Will a chandelier be a perfect representation of my home’s design theme? What kind of chandeliers will be perfect for a modern, traditional, eclectic or other possible home theme that your home is adopting?


Chandelier Selection Tips – 2:  Space

Earlier on, we wrote about home lighting and how to select the best chandelier that will be the best fit for your space. Chandelier selection tips from decoration professionals have always had one thing in common, the size of the room. Getting a very tiny chandelier for a very large room would have almost no effect. It may hardly even get noticed. Getting a very large chandelier for a small room is a clear example of poor space management. For the best measurement, see our guide on how to calculate the right dimension for your chandelier.

Chandelier Selection Tips – 3: Budget

After being sure that a chandelier will be a good fit for your theme, and that you have enough space to install a chandelier instead of other pendant lights, then you’ll have to consider the next item on our chandelier selection tips. Anything that has to do with spending cash definitely needs a proper budget consideration.

Be sure to work with a chandelier that suits your budget. Before hitting the malls, spend some time online to do a brief research on the cost of chandeliers, this should help you plan a proper budget, and bargain better.

Chandelier Selection Tips – 4: Material

A lot of people overlook this critical information. Be sure to know what material the chandelier you admire is made of. Some are made of crystals, wrought irons, metals and other available materials. Be sure to blend the material with what you already have in your home’s interior. Try to have your chandelier match your window treatments, furniture and wallpaper amongst other things, as best as possible.


Chandelier Selection Tips – 5: Maintenance

Chandeliers are not for lazy persons, thus, a very sophisticated chandelier will be much more difficult to maintain. Chandeliers magnet dust very easily, so if you are hoping to get a chandelier that can be easily maintained, then it is best you go with one with a very simple design so you can clean it regularly with ease. Remember, a complex chandelier may need the services of a professional cleaner, indirectly costing you much bucks you probably never budgeted for.

Chandelier Selection Tips – 6: Room Height

We earlier talked about the size of the room, another awkward thing to do would be to put a very long chandelier in a low-leveled room. It would be very embarrassing for anyone to bend a little while trying to get across to the other side of the room. If your room is a low leveled room, then I’ll advise you look for a chandelier with shorter strings.

Chandelier Selection Tips – 7: Lighting

If you have calculated the number of watts that your room needs, then the next of the chandelier selection tips to heed to will be to consider the number of bulbs, and their wattage. Also try to keep in mind, your major reason for getting a chandelier; it could be to lighten up your room, or just for the glitters.

Now here’s the pro tip: If you are looking to lighten up your room, get a chandelier with a higher number of bulbs, the more the bulbs, the more the light, but if you’re looking to make your room glitter, then get a chandelier with a lower number of bulbs, that’s because too many bulbs will create light that could be very hurtful to the eyes, resulting to a person taking their eyes away. Not just the right number of bulbs will create just enough reflection on the material of the chandelier, to make it glitter.


Chandelier Selection Tips – 8: Warrantee

Be sure to buy a chandelier that offers you warrantee or some form of after-purchase service. Chandeliers can be very delicate, thus, it is advised to always have an expert at arm’s length due to unforeseen complications.

Following these few chandelier selection tips are sure to yield to a great result in your quest for getting the perfect chandeliers for your home.

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