Everyone sure loves a fresh home, but it’s not easy to have your home stay fresh every day. Sometimes, you may decide to do a little home remodeling over the weekend, then boom! Something else takes up all the time and you’re left to reschedule to another weekend that may never come.

Professional interior designers have often noticed that a person’s mood can be altered by the look of their home. You really do feel lively when everywhere around your home feels fresh, you feel alive, you feel like you’re truly living.

Our basic house refreshing tips are very much straight to the point, as a matter of fact, this are things you can completely do in 10 minutes and then move on to something else for the day.

Often times, we unconsciously freshened our homes when we got a call at an unexpected moment that someone was coming over, then the adrenaline, take this out and put this here, roll out the curtains, re-position the vase, put up a picture, replace the covers of the throw pillows. Yeah! We’ve all been there.

So, here are a few basic tips to freshen up your home in 10 minutes:

Freshen Your Flowers:

For those who have been following up with InteriorDesignHub.com for a while now, you will know that I am a fan of indoor flowers. Take out the brown leaves that don’t belong there anymore. Have your indoor plants clean and green!

Reposition Your Wall Art:

A simple repositioning of your home’s wall art is sure to give off some freshness. Anyone who seems to be so used to the outlook of your home’s interior will be amazed when they walk in and notice something’s missing.

For you too, the excitement of looking at your wall art from another angle is definitely going to give you a new feel! Fresh!

Change Your Old Doormat:

If your doormat is dead and gone, but you’re just keeping it, I think it’s high time you’re reminded to change it. Every time you walk in through your door, you’ll definitely notice something odd, it’s the outlived door mat. Please change it.

Change Your Home Scent:

It’s good to have a home with a signature scent, but how will you know if there’s a new great deal out there, if you don’t try? Get to the store and purchase a new home scent, if you’re not okay with it, then you can take it off after some time, however, I’m sure a new scent will feel different. Different can be fresh!

Clean Up Your Windows:

Come on! I know you’ve been busy for the past 324 years, but that doesn’t mean you should not put in 3 minutes of your time into cleaning your windows. Dusty windows do not encourage good air circulation especially in mosquito infested areas where they have to use window nets.

Replace Your Pillow Covers:

Give your home a new look by replacing the covers of your throw pillows littered around your sofa. This is the best time to try out very beautiful colors that may be a perfect match to your home’s interior decoration theme.

Replace Your Bed sheets:

A new bed sheet is sure to give your bedroom a fresh look. This is one of those little things that can make a massive difference. That’s the fresh we’re talking about.

These steps might seem like they’re one hell of a tough job, but if we haven’t tried the out for quite a convincing number of times, we wouldn’t be telling you to.

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