The bedroom has a simple purpose, a place of rest, your sanctuary, your respite. The bedroom is that one place where you can have yourself totally shut out from the rest of the world, especially if there is a reason to. It’s quite shocking that a number of persons have their bedrooms decorated like it’s a place for chit-chats and executive meetings, it shouldn’t be so. Everyone deserves to sleep in a peaceful bedroom after the day’s hustle and bustle.

While the general belief is that your bedroom should take the form of a spa, it is guaranteed that these five basic rules are sure to make your bedroom what it should be, with as less distractions as possible.

  1. The Best Bedding Your Finances Can Afford

It’s a common character to spend quite a lot of time in bed, with that, it is clear with perfect sense that we need to prioritize our choice of getting a solid bed. Be sure to look out for quality fibers and sheets that can keep you warm in cold nights, and easily tucked away when the heat waves come calling. Some good examples are the Suprima, Pima and the Egyptian cotton. Anything made of these will definitely last.

  1. Take Out Your TV

A lot of persons do not agree with this opinion, however, we always have to tell it. The bedroom is a place for some quiet time, if you need to watch a television, the sitting room is always ready for you. Statistics have shown that bedrooms with lesser technological gadgets aid communication and reading. Personally, I noticed that I sleep more soundly since I took out the television in my bedroom, I’m not always caught between making the decision to turn the TV on to see if something interesting is showing.

If I must see a movie in bed, I can use my laptop, and if I want a big screen, then the sectional sofa in my living room helps me relax to it.

  1. The Nightstand

Some of us always love to have some goodies very close to us so we can easily reach out to hem and grab a bite, that’s why the nightstand is important. You can place a few biscuits, a bottle of water, or the novel you’re currently reading.

For those who want to take their design a notch further, some of these indoor plants can help you purify the air in your bedroom for a sound sleep, what better place to put your vase than the nightstand?

If you’re looking out for a nightstand, then I’ll advise you buy one that has drawers, so you can always tuck all the novels and magazines you are not reading at any point in time, this is ideal for space management.

  1. The Wall Art

In the place of a television, a wall art should do the job. As believed by professional interior decorators,  the design is in the details, but when we come to wall arts, then the design is the details.

A wall art is an amazing piece that you may never get tired of. You can trace the edges with your eyes until sleep creeps up on you, or you can draw inspiration from it every time you wake up.

  1. Lighting

The bedroom should be properly lighted. It is one of the places in a house where the lighting options are not specific. The living room needs to be bright, the kitchen needs all the light it can get, same as the bathroom, however, the bedroom does not need all the light, all of the times. This is why the bathroom needs a dimmable lighting option in order to be able to switch between high and low, as needed. Having the ability to match your bedroom’s lighting to your mood is bliss.

When it comes to painting options, no matter the color or paint shade you decide to go with, do your best to have your bedroom painted with just a single color, a monotone is always ideal as too much color equals too much activities. Remember, the bedroom doesn’t need that much.

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