After our post which was about how to decorate a home with stripes, quite a number of mails have come in from our fans that have an affinity for an all-white space, requesting for some tips for an all white fresh home interior.

Decorating a home to be chalk white may at first, seem like an easy job, but is it for real? A home decorated with a single palette out of the various available color shades can give your home a sudden chilly feeling if the whites are not well placed to create style and elegance in your space.

Designing a home in white is very much possible, however, you must be cautious. To achieve the goal of such rare feat, follow up on these simple tips and tricks which are sure to help you achieve that crystal clear vibe to make your home feel warm.

Play with the Tones:

If you’re looking to have your home decorated in white, then you should be ready to play with quite a lot of shades. Try on a little grey or cream here and there as this can go a long way to create some visual balance.


A Touch Of Wood

Trust me, nothing gives a house as much warmth as wood can. It doesn’t really matter if it comes in the form of an antique piece, or just a warmly dressed stool at a corner. A little shade of wood is sure to bring style into your space.

Scale Around

An unexpected sculpture or a massive wall art on one part of your white wall is sure to make an interesting and curious statement. Play around your white space with different items at different places.


A home wallpaper, a wall art or some accessories should instantly attract the interest of anyone who walks in. find an accessory which can give a perfect finishing to your carefully selected furniture, have something on your table to make it look busy. Accessories are the queen of a home.

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