Jewel Tone Teal

2020 painting trends
painting trends for 2020

photo FLATS – The Alfred (left) and FLATS – The Bush Temple (right)

Rich hues work especially well in small spaces because they create depth to a room, tricking the eye that the room goes further than it does. Statement colors like a saturated teal look modern when they’re set as backdrop to neutral furniture.

Adding accents like mirrors, glass table tops, and metallic trims compliment rich colors and make a room feel more luxe without being extravagant. Pairing greenery with a teal wall adds lush dimension to create your own personal jungle space.

If the tone you choose is more turquoise consider adding gold accessories to the room for a Grecian island feel, no travel plans required! 

Dove Gray

beautiful painting trends

photo FLATS – The Alfred

White walls are forever, they can make a space look larger and bring light to dark spaces. You can take that classic look one step further by layering delicate neutrals.

Layering bright almost-white neutrals will keep the color palette of your space from becoming too sterile, no one wants their home to read, “hospital”.

This cool-tone gray brings the richness out of hardwood floors, creating the perfect tonal contrast. Gray looks most sophisticated when paired with other polished neutrals like deep navys and crisp whites.

Light gray plays well with scandinavian design aesthetics as it compliments natural materials like wood and cowhides just as it does industrial forms like metal and concrete. 

French Blue

paint inspirations for 2020

photo FLATS – The Alfred

Expect  to see blue shine this year now that it’s been selected as Pantone’s 2020 color of the year.

While this French hue is more subdued than their vibrant “Classic Blue”, consider incorporating blue accessories of all hues with this paint color for a monochromatic scheme.

Furniture, clothing, makeup industries will all be showcasing different hues from tropical aqua to neutral gray-blues. One timeless shade we love is french blue, a grown-up alternative to the baby blue your childhood bedroom walls are still coated in.

This soft hue looks glorious when bathed in daylight and stunning calm when the sun goes down. Silvers and whites will turn any space into a tranquil retreat. 


house painting ideas
painting trends for 2020

photo FLATS – The Draper and FLATS (left) and FLATS – The Bush Temple (right)

The calming effects of the color blue have been studied tirelessly in psychology and we are fully embracing rich tones of navy in the new year.

There’s something about navy that is both alluring and relaxing, making it a fantastic choice for any space from a studio apartment to master bedroom. Navy reminds people of a dusky night sky which evokes the kind of mindfulness that busy city dwellers long for.

If you want to embrace the nature element you can pair your rich walls with nature wood finishings and warm lighting; pick up a s’mores scented candle to complete the vibe. 

Graphic Statement Wall

2020 paint trends

photo FLATS – The Lawrence House

Eager to make a dramatic change to your space this year? We are all for a graphic statement wall in a bedroom or living space. Nothing makes a space more personal than incorporating large scale artwork into your home.

Take inspiration from one resident at The Lawrence House in Uptown, Chicago; if you look closely you can find the hidden message, “Love Yourself” tucked into the bold design. 

Statement walls are the kind of thing that you see from your favorite design account on Instagram and dismiss as too difficult and/or expensive.

There are realistic limitations but we are generation D-I-Y and if you research, plan, and watch enough YouTube; you can make your art-wall dream come true. Or follow in the footsteps of this one Lawrence House resident and hire a talented friend! 

Mandrian Orange

painting inspiration for 2020

Photo FLATS – The Ardus

We love this invigorating shade of orange for a hidden pop of color for a guest bathroom. When painting a space in a powerful color be extra mindful of maintaining clean lines and keep decor to a minimum.

We love how simple this monochrome orange powder room feels despite the bold color.

When you don’t have natural light in a small space like an office or bathroom you can really manipulate the feel of your room with color and artificial light. You can choose a vibrant color and bright light or perhaps a moody scheme with a deep jewel tone paint and warm lighting. 

Don’t worry if the thought of painting an entire room orange makes you faint, not everyone is daring enough to commit to a citrus colored room.

Consider using this punchy shade as a bold accent moment on either your front door or to line the walls of a bookcase.

Ceiling Pop

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photo FLATS – The Bush Temple

Most people don’t put much thought into the fifth wall of a space. Getting creative with the color of your ceiling can truly transform the entire look of a room.

Just like a statement wall can trick your eyes into perceiving depth,, a ceiling pop can do magic tricks for making your walls feel higher. Painting ceilings in a lighter color then your walls will do wonders from small spaces.

The common trick is using 20% of your wall color mixed with 80% white paint. In room with exposed brick like this lovely Chicago apartment, the walls and ceiling compliment one another without competing. A bright pop of color on the ceiling is a bold way to add color to any room.