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Engine Hoist Rental At Lowes

An Engine Hoist is a tool that is useful for lifting up heavy objects. It is a repair tool that is commonly used in vehicle repair shops to either remove or install vehicle engines.

Engine Hoists are employed in vehicle repair shops because they are the best tools suited for; lifting up engines from a vehicle to the point or repair, installation of engine after repair.

Whatever be the size of engine you want to lift or install in a vehicle, you can trust the efficiency of an Engine Hoist to get the job done.

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Types Of Engine Hoists

There are different types of Engine Hoists, with some differentiated based on the size of Engine they are able to lift. They include:

  • Hydraulic Engine Hoist: This type of Engine hoist works with hydraulic cylinders for engine lifting and car repairs. The hydraulic cylinder uses a special oil called hydraulic fluid, and the more pressure added to the hydraulic cylinder, the more the engine is hoisted out of the vehicle.
  • Electric Hoist: The Electric Hoist is not a popular tool for engine lifting, but is often used in lifting heavy objects. They are mostly used in car service stations to lift and transport heavy object from one point of the station to another. In contrast, to the Hydraulic Engine Hoist, the Electric Hoist is fully automated, i.e. no manual pressure needs to be applied to lift the engine.
  • Chain Hoist: Chain hoist also serves the same purpose of lifting and installation of vehicle engines as the Hydraulic and Electric Engine Hoist. Although the Chain Hoist is similar with the Electric Hoist, the difference is that the Chain Hoist is not fully automated as it does not have a remote control but is to be operated manually by pulling the hand chain to hoist the object.

How Much Does An Engine Hoist Cost?

The cost of an Engine Hoist varies according to its type,size and uses. However, the price of an Engine Hoist range within $80-$2,000 (depending on the size), which may differ to the prices from store to store. 

Engine Hoist Rental At Lowes

Lowes Tool Rentals has among its tool inventory a wide variety of high quality Engine Hoists. Be it hydraulic, electric or chain hoist, Lowes definitely has the right hoist to suit your task. Visit Lowes official website to rent an engine hoist of your choice.

How To Rent An Engine Hoist From Lowes

Renting an engine hoist from Lowes is easy. You only need to follow through these procedures to order the engine hoist of your choice. They include:

  • Visit the Lowes official site to get access to all its inventory on concrete grinders.
  • Check for the availability of your prefered concrete grinder and ascertain if it can be order from any of their walk-in stores nearest to you.
  • Read through the rental policy for the engine hoist to be sure of the conditions pertaining to its rent and use.
  • Ascertain the rental price, documents to be submitted and delivery methods open to you.
  • Proceed to make payment via your debit or credit card.

Should You Buy Or Rent An Engine Hoist?

Renting or buying an engine hoist depends on the frequency of use of the tool. If the purpose of renting an engine hoist for private repairs on your vehicle or for a one-time job, the frequency of use of an engine hoist will be minimal, thus, renting the tool is preferable. Here, the cost of storage and maintenance is borne by Lowes.

However, if the need of an engine hoist is to aid in hauling engines in your repair shop as a mechanic and other commercial purpose that requires its continuous use, renting an engine hoist on a regular basis will be more expensive than an outright purchase.

Here, the cost of storage and maintenance are borne entirely by you.

Cost Of Renting An Engine Hoist From Lowes

The cost of renting an engine hoist from Lowes is shown below:

  • Hourly: $47
  • Daily: $59
  • Weekly:$170
  • Monthly:$450

Note: The above prices charged on renting an engine hoist, varies across different Lowes rental stores worldwide.

Types Of Engine Hoist You Can Rent At Lowes

Lowes inventory for Engine hoists, contains high quality engine hoists from the best manufacturers. Some of the models of Engine Hoists available at Lowes include:

  • K Tool, Blue Hawk, Keeper, Detail K2
  • K Tool International Automotive Engine Hoist                                                 Model # KTI62115
  • Blue Hawk 1 Ton Chain Hoist Lift:10-ft                                                             Model # AC7001H
  • Keeper 1-HP 1500-lbs Universal Winch                                                             Model # KAC15042
  • Keeper 5.5-HP 13.5-lbs Universal Winch                                                           Model # KW13122
  • Detail K2 1.95-HP 3500-lb Universal W-in                                                        Model # C3500N

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