Engine Hoist Rental At Home Depot

Engine Hoists are vehicle repair tools used in the lifting and installation of vehicles engines. They are also used in lifting heavy objects that cannot be lifted or moved by humans.

The importance of Engine Hoists cannot be overemphasised as it is energy and time saving, which means that instead of gathering large numbers of persons to lift or move a heavy object, you can as well employ the use of an engine hoist to save you such stress and time.

It is also a safe medium for lifting heavy objects, thus, preventing factory hazards and the most efficient medium for lifting and installing engines in vehicles.

Engine Hoist Rental At Home Depot Equipment Rental
Engine Hoist Rental At Home Depot

Types Of Engine Hoists

Engine Hoists exists in different types, they include those that are manually operated, semi-manually operated and the fully automated ones. Below are the various types of Engine Hoists:

How Much Does Home Depot Sell Engine Hoists?

A new Engine Hoist sells for between $70-$1500, depending on the type, size and the store location. Therefore, it is important to note that the price of an engine hoist varies from stores to stores.

How To Rent An Engine Hoist From Home Depot

Engine hoists are available at most Home-Depot stores worldwide. Its inventory for Engine Hoist contains contains a wide variety of high quality and the best manufactured engine hoists, which is just the perfect tool to get the job done.

Therefore, renting an engine hoist from Home-Depot is easy and stress-free. Just follow these steps:

Note: Only persons above 18 are qualified to rent tools from Home-Depot.

Should You Buy Or Rent An Engine Hoist From Home Depot?

Renting or buying an Engine Hoist depends on the frequency of use of the tool. If the engine hoist is required for a one-time repair, in this case, renting an engine hoist is cheaper than buying it, thus, saving you the cost of storage and maintenance.

However, if the need for the engine hoist is for business/commercial repairs over a long period of time, buying the engine hoist in this case is cost-beneficial. Here, the cost of upkeep and storage is borne by the buyer.

Cost Of Renting An Engine Hoist From Home Depot

The cost of renting an engine hoist from Home Depot is shown below:

Note: The above prices differs across Home Depot’s stores. Using the store directory option, you will be able to ascertain the exact rental price for engine hoists in the store location closest to you. 

Home Depot Engine Hoist Rental Inventory

Home Depot rental, is home to high quality and best selling engine hoists which have been tested, trusted and proven to be the right tool to get the job done perfectly. Some of the model of Engine Hoists available at Home Depot include: 

Big Red, Pro-Lift, Sunex, Stark, Omega

Model and their numbers:

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