Home Depot is the largest home improvement company in the United States and no doubt also a home to a variety of assorted reliable and quality tools and equipment to own your project. 

Home Depot Rental Tools List – Below are 25 Rentals equipment Tools you can get from Home Depot, they include the following: 

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home depot rental tools list

Home Depot Chainsaw Rental:

The Home Depot Chainsaw is suitable for heavy   duty and lightweight jobs which includes cutting down large trees and chopping logs. 

The Home Depot Inventory for chainsaw include: 

Gas Chainsaw 16-inch & 20-inch ( a 64cc chainsaw), Electric Chainsaw 16-inch, 36V Cordless Chainsaw 12-inch.

Gas Chainsaw: It is a Gas-powered chainsaw which provides the user with the power and flexible as compared to the electric chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaw: It is useful for lightweight jobs (trimming and pruning) and best used around the yard within a power source. The electric chainsaw is engineered with professional features for maximum productivity.

Cordless Chainsaw: It is also suitable for light jobs, can be used without being connected to a power source as it mostly runs on batteries, comfortable to use around the yard with zero emissions.

Home Depot Stump Grinder Rental

The Stump Grinder is useful for eradicating tree stumps around the yard, giving you the best result for your money.

The Home Depot inventory for Stump Grinder include: 

Stump Grinder 13HP- possesses a 14-inch cutting wheel that increases job performance, Power king 14HP (13-inch) commercial Kohler Gas-powered Stump Grinder, Detail K14 (14-inch) Gas-powered commercial Stump Grinder with Electric start and Towbar, and many others in their inventory.

Home Depot Engine Hoist Rental

The Engine Hoist is used to install or lift out engines from automobiles.

Home Depot inventory for Engine Hoist include: 

Stark 880 Ibs. Professional Electric Steel Cable Hoist with remote control, XtremepowerUS 3-ton Steel Block Chain Lever Hoist Puller Lifter 5ft, Buffalo Tools 440 Ibs. Electric Cable Hoist with Wired Control Switch, and others which can be found in their inventory.

Home Depot Dethatcher tool rental

The Dethatcher is used to cut off decaying plant material from the lawn allowing air, nutrients and water to get to the  grass root. Home depot Dethatcher helps to give your lawn that perfect landscape.

Home Depot Inventory for Dethatcher include: 

Power Rake (20-inch turf dethatcher), Self-Propelled Power Rake (28 heat-treated flail blades with spacing of 11/16-inch standard adjustable up to 1-3/8-inch), Verticut Power Rake, and others in their inventory.

Home Depot Rototiller Rental

The Rototiller is used to break, loosen the soil most especially before planting and keep the non-planted parts aerated.

Home Depot inventory for Rototillers include

Rear Tine Tiller (Easy Starting Honda GX240 engine with self propelled- 3 forward speeds, 1 reverse), Light Duty Tiller- useful for tilling already tilled soil (Easy Starting Honda GXV57 engine with adjustable 21-inch tilling width), Mantis Tiller (9-inch width and 10-inch tilling depth capable of slicing through the hardest soil and clay), and others.

Home Depot Concrete Grinder Rental

The concrete grinder is a useful tool for grinding and smoothening concrete surfaces. It can also be used as a concrete polishing tool, removing sealers and thin mil paints from floors.

Home Depot inventory for Concrete Grinders include: 

Concrete Grinder 10-inch (Easy rolling 10-inch steel-core, rubber wheels), Grinder 7-inch (7-inch wheel disc for large jobs, good for pros), among others.

Home Depot Ladder Rental

Ladders are climbing tools that aids a person get to heights out of reach of the hands.

Home Depot inventory for ladders include

Aluminium Extension Ladder 32ft (possesses a load capacity of 300 Ibs, has extra heavy duty I-beam rails), Aluminium Multipurpose Ladder 26ft (Twin Step ladder- allows usage in four different positions with two scaffold bases, can carry a load capacity of 300 pounds on both sides), and others.

Home Depot Aerator Rental

Aerators are used to drill holes into the soil which in turns helps the lawn grasses grow.

Home Depot inventory for Aerators include

Classen Aerator CA-18HD (Easily fit through a 30-inch gate and can get to where large aerators can get to), Ryan Lawn PRO Aerator (Easy to steer units, aerates a 19-inch swath and covers 32,000 sq. ft. per hour), and others.

 Home Depot Power Rake Rental

A Power Rack is similar to a Dethatcher in the sense that they are both used to cut off turfs/thatch on the lawn to enable proper grass growth.

Home Depot inventory for Power Rakes include

Classen Power Rake (operates in forward and reverse with 20-inch easy to manage turf dethatcher), Schiller Grounds Care Self-Propelled Power Rakes, and others.

Home Depot Bobcat Rental

Bobcats are large equipments mostly Skid Steers, Excavators, etc. Useful for grading and levelling the earth, loading and spreading materials.

Home Depot inventory for Bobcats include

Skid Steer Tracked, ROC 700-1200 Ibs, Skid Steer Wheeled, ROC 1000-1200, and others.

Home Depot Wood Chipper Rental

Wood Chippers are basically used to reduce tree limbs or trunks into smaller wood chips.

Home Depot inventory for Wood Chippers include

Eliet USA Inc Chipper 2-inch, Detail K2 5-inch, 14HP Gas-powered Kohler Engine Chipper Shredder with Electric Start), and others.

Home Depot Floor Sander Rental

Floor sanders are used to make wood floor surfaces smooth and shinny.

Home Depot inventory for Floor Sanders include

Floor Edger 7-inch (Hiretech), Orbital Deck and Floor Sander, Drum Floor Sander, Random Orbit Floor Sander, and others.

Home Depot Auger Rental

Augers are drilling devices useful for drilling holes in woods or in the ground.

Home Depot inventory for Augers include

Post Hole Digger (digs up to a 6-inch diameter hole), 1 Man Auger (Digs up to an 8-inch diameter hole), and others.

Home Depot Pallet Jack Rental

The Pallet Jack is ideal for heavy duty lifting of bulky materials. It is also useful for loading/unloading trucks.

Home Depot inventory for Pallet Jacks include

MTA Pallet Jack 6000 LB (ideal for lifting loads up to 6000 Ib), Sandusky 5,500 Ib. Hand Pallet Truck.

Home Depot Truck and Trailer Rental

Trucks and Trailer are best suitable for hauling large materials or construction tools too heavy for your personal car from one point to another.

Home depot inventory for Truck and Trailers include

FlatBack Truck Pickup (capable of carrying loads weighing up to 3,000 Ibs, V-8 Engine, 4-wheel anti-lock braking system with 4 ABS channels, and others).

Home Depot Sod Cutter Rental

Sod Cutters are lawn tools used for removing old or dead grasses/weed mostly referred to as sod, to make way for planting of new ones.

Home Depot inventory for Sod Cutters include

Classen Sod Cutter (Power and easy to use tool for relocating or repositioning sods, Productive 18-inch width cutting blade makes 20 cutting stroke per second/ 1,200 per minute), and others

Home Depot Riding Lawn Mower Rental

Lawn Mowers are useful for cutting off grass surface so as to give them uniform sizes.

Home Depot inventory for Lawn Mowers include

Honda Power Equipment Lawn Mower (21-inch push Mower with side discharge chute, Easy to start compression/release)

Home Depot Nail Gun Rental

A nail gunner is a tool used to drive in nails into wood or other surfaces.

Home Depot inventory for Nail Gun include

Air Brad Nailer (Ideal for most trim nailing applications, Easy to use), Cordless Finish Nailer (Useful for punch-out work, installation of doors and window casings), and others.

 Home Depot Jack Hammer Rental

Jack Hammers are best used to break down hard wall/concrete surfaces and similar materials.

Home Depot Inventory for Jack Hammer include

11 LB Demolition Hammer, 20 LB Demolition Hammer, 27 LB Demolition Hammer, and others.

Home Depot Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift are construction tools designed to be elongated, thereby elevation workers and their equipments up heights.

Home Depot inventory for Scissor Lift include

19ft Scissor Lift, 35ft Towable Boom Lift, 19ft Scissor Lift on Trailer, and others.

Home Depot Post Hole Digger

Post Hole Diggers are useful for digging narrows holes on the ground to mount posts, street signs, e.t.c.

Home Depot inventory for Post Hole Diggers include

Razor-Back 48 in. Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger, ANViL Post Hole Digger, Fiskars 6.5 in. Post Hole Digger, and others.

Home Depot Generator

Generators always comes in handy when handling projects, providing energy needed to power up other tools that require electricity.

Home Depot inventory for Generator include

7500-15000 Generators, Portable Generators, Gas Generators, Whole House Generators, Inverter Generators, and others.

Home Depot Drain Snake

Drain Snakes are plumbing tools used in unclogging blockages in plumbing, thereby allowing for free flow.

Home Depot inventory for Drain Snake include

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel Hair Clog Tool Starter Kit for Drain Cleaning, RIDGID PowerClear Drain Cleaner, and others.

Home Depot Mini Excavator

Excavators are useful for digging out large quantity of earth from one point to another.

Home Depot inventory for Mini Excavator include

1-ton Mini Excavator, 1.5-2 ton Mini Excavator, 3.5-4 ton Mini Excavator 

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  1. Hello Home Depot,
    I am working on a room in my house. I need to rent:
    Electric Circular saw
    Table Saw
    Screw gun
    Nail gun
    Staple gun
    Work Benches
    A frame ladder
    I will need everything for 2 weeks September 4-18

    Do you have these things? Can you please tell me the price per item?
    Must I buy the blades?


    1. Hi, you can find these items at the local home depot center near you.
      the equipment rental cost varies by location. You will get accurate information if you call the nearest center near you.

  2. I’m interested in renting an aeriator in the next week for 2 hours.
    Can you tell me how much it will cost-

  3. I am looking to see how much it would cost to rent a Home Depot inventory for Floor Sander and tools that may be included with it

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