A fence is a barrier between the external environment and your premise commonly made of wood or metal to maintain privacy and describe the limit of your property.  There are different types of fences available in the market customized for residential and commercial properties.  

In this article, I will be talking about the advantages of fence installation, different types of fence, and average fence installation cost. Enjoy reading. 

Advantages of fence installation: 

 According to current statistics, the fence industry has evolved a lot and generating $8 billion in revenue annually.  Which is a quite significant number. Moreover, having a fence around your premises gives a great sense of peace, privacy, and protection.  

benefits of fence to house

These are some of the most prominent advantages of fence installation. 

Enhanced Protection: 

A fenced house is more secure than an unfenced one by all means. It keeps your kids and pets from going onto the road and getting hurt. Picket fences are most common among keeping the children and pet saves. I’ll also be talking about the types of fences and their significance after describing advantages. 

Similarly, it’s difficult for intruders to come to the fenced property. Especially in the case of farmhouses and offices, a fence is a savior. You can add more security by substituting electric wires on the top of the rail.  

should i fence my house

Enhanced Privacy 

A fence is a great way to maintain a peaceful private environment where your family can enjoy every moment of life with ease.  Especially when you live in congested areas where you are semi-exposed to the public, it becomes tough to sustain privacy, but a fence is an optimum solution to get your mental peace back.

Define boundaries 

It’s quite common that people intrude on someone else’s property by mistake. Without realizing that they are upsetting the privacy of the homeowner.  To avoid this nuisance, it’s better to install a fence on the home exterior. 

Having a fence will not only protect your home but also establish boundaries for everyone else. Otherwise, it will be challenging to control unnecessary weed growth and unpleasant intrusion.  

Aesthetic Appeal 

Along with all its advantages, the addition of a fence in your home gives it a gorgeous look. As mentioned before, the fence industry is growing by revenue of $8 billion annually. 

The magnificent look is one of the primary reasons for this popularity. Also, a fenced house gets up to 5% higher Revenue on Investment. 

Block nasty views 

It’s your right to live in a peaceful environment. If your neighbor’s bins are overloaded with garbage and or their backyard is full of mud and filth, it doesn’t matter whatever they have there; you do not deserve to see all those things. 

A gorgeous picket fence is all you need to block all these nasty views.  If you do not afford to fence right now, don’t worry, do it while you will be doing home renovation! It will not only magnify the glory of your home but also enhance its overall value.  

Common types of fences 

I hope you are happy to read the benefits of fence installation. Now you must be thinking about the kind of fence you need for your home.  Well, don’t burden your nerves; read the following types, and it will easy for you to make the right decision.  

Wood fencing 

Wooden fencing is quite popular in America.  Mainly, it’s made of lumber. It’s one of the most reliable kinds of fences that work for an extended time period.  The average cost of wood fence installation is $15-$27 per foot.  

The cost of a wood fence depends on the size of the fence and its material, as well as the extra lumber you require.  Besides, if you want to add electric wires on top, then it’s going to cost more.   

Wood railings are best for farmhouses and commercial units, as well.  

Wrought Iron Fencing 

 Wrought iron fences are one of the most beautiful types of fences, especially those with contemporary setups. These are not a common preference, because they need colossal effort in maintenance and are expensive as well.  Because wrought iron fences are custom made, it’s not affordable for every homeowner.

Iron fences need much maintenance. Otherwise, rust will spoil its beauty and son. You will have to install another fence.  But it looks wonderful. If you want to install a wrought iron fence in your home, then make sure to clean it regularly and repaint it for 3-4 times yearly.  

Aluminum Fencing 

Aluminum fence is not so common among homeowners due because it is not an optimum solution for security purposes. But, the other side of the coin is, these are maintenance-free.  

An aluminum fence does not need regular upkeep. Once you install it, paint it, decorate it the way you want. That’s it — no need to worry about any maintenance now. But yes, do clean it weekly or monthly, its essential. 

 Electric fencing 

If you are not fond of pets, then an electric fence will help you keep dogs and cats away.  The electric fence is the latest addition to this list.

This is an invisible fence, consist of a wire dug around the area you want to get fenced, which is attached with a wireless transmitter that is further connected with a collar to receive electric signals.  

When an animal comes near to the fence, the collar activates the wire and produce sound to alert the animal. Only animals can hear that sound. If the animal tries to intrude even after the alert, then the wire gets activated and give an electric shock.  


This post is all about the benefits of fence installation and its types to help you choose the best fence for your premise. Another essential thing to consider in this aspect of hiring a reliable company that can provide up to the mark Fence Installation Service.  

To find a steadfast service provider, you can search on the internet and search for the best fence installation services in your area.  Choose local companies as they provide more efficient services than large chains.