You only get to enjoy so many summers in your life, and your home is where you’ll experience most of them. Not all homes are great places to spend the summer, but that’s something that can be fixed with some great renovations. If you want to make your home the perfect place to lounge and enjoy the best weather of the year, here are 5 home renovations you should consider.

Install a skylight to indulge in natural light

A new skylight can completely change the feel of your home interior. Natural light is warm, rejuvenating and capable of making any room in your home more pleasant. The summer is the best time to plan a renovation like this, because there will be more sunlight to enjoy than there is during the rest of the year.

Imagine how a skylight could change the feel of a kitchen in the morning, or family room during those relaxing summer evenings. A skylight is a great thing to have all year round, of course, but you’ll never love finding yourself under it as much as you will during the summer.

Replace shingles with lighter colors to deflect heat

If you live in a really hot area, consider using some summer renovation time to replace black shingles with white ones. The lightest colors reflect heat instead of absorbing it, and having a whole roof doing that reflecting can lead to lower temperatures in your home over the course of the day. The best part of this renovation is that it has the power to save you money on your power bills.

It’s not necessary to go with white, as that color will not look good on all homes. Most light colors will be able to reflect light more effectively, so consider the full range of options that is available to you.

Replace attic insulation while it’s comfortable

Any kind of roof renovations are best performed during the summer when it’s not a crisis to lose your upper insulation for a day or two, like it would be when the temperatures are cold. Right around the time that spring rains start to end, plan to have the insulation upgraded or replaced to prevent air conditioning from escaping during the summer.

Put a fresh face on your home with new siding

New siding will completely renew the look of your home, especially if it’s been many years since yours was replaced. Summer is a great time to sell a home, and replacing the siding is one of the most effective things you can do for the exterior appearance before you sell.

Give yourself an outdoor escape with a new patio

Give yourself a place to enjoy the summer weather that’s only a few steps from your door. Summer is the perfect time to create a new patio where you can relax. Enhance yours with flowers, lighting, grilling equipment or whatever best fits your hobbies.

These renovations make for a perfect summer-ready home. Choose one or all of them to give your home an upgrade in both appearance and comfort for the summer.

About the Author:

Oz Taysun has been the owner of Westchase Roofing Services Inc. since 2008, specializing in asphalt roofing shingles installation. Prior to starting his roofing company Oz as an engineer for a firm. He enjoyed hand-ons work so much that he changed fields and entered into the home improvement and roofing industry in 2001. Oz enjoys the great outdoors and spending his free time with his beloved family.

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