Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way a house is built or the way objects are arranged enhances our overall health and wellbeing. It completely takes note of various branches of interior designs such as the Feng Shui bed directions, the Feng Shui bedroom mirror placement, the Feng Shui living room ideas, and other important aspects of home design,

A good Feng Shui bedroom design is incorporated with the right elements and furniture placement which should be fun and pleasurable to be in, whether you’re there for a quick nap, a good night sleep or to make passionate love.

This article focuses on the Idea­­­­l Feng Shui Bedroom Tips;

No TV, Computer, or Exercise equipment:

Feng Shui energy is destroyed when all these elements take a place in your bedroom, they bring to remembrance work and stress which are distractions to relaxation and having a good time with loved ones.

Quality Air in your bedroom:

Quality air is essential, it’s impossible to have a good Feng Shui if the air you breathe is stale and full of pollutants without having a good quality air purifier hence the windows should be opened to keep the room fresh and full of Oxygen

Perfect Feng Shui Colors:

Colors are essential in achieving a good Feng Shui balance in your bedroom, it helps in restoring sleep as well as sexual healing that promotes the best flow of energy. Use of Soothing colors can achieve this.

Ideal Feng Shui Art Work:

This tip for Feng Shui bedroom style advises that images should be in a bedroom and images should be chosen according to events you want to see happening in your life, images with happy and beautiful energy.

Images that depict sadness and loneliness should be avoided and art works that embrace emotion of love and happy relationships should be encouraged.

Feng Shui Lighting Tips For A Calm Bedroom:

Several levels of lightning is very important as light is an essential nutrient and has a high manifestation of energy. Candles have proven to be the best Feng Shui bedroom lightning because they create an intimate, warm and healing atmosphere. A careful selection should be done while getting a toxic free candle.

Mirrors And The Laws Of Feng Shui:

Mirrors are fantastic in a bedroom but should be placed almost in discretion. Placing a mirror directly across or over a bed is a placement that should be avoided. This has a way of inviting a third party into your marriage or relationship and results in infidelity.

You must place your bed so you don’t have direct line of sight of the bedroom door, you can place a mirror so that you can see the door from the bed, just be sure that the mirror doesn’t reflect the bed.

Feng Shui And Your Bedroom Furnitures:

Too many furniture is a no no in Feng Shui tips for an ideal bedroom.

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