Home decorating is all in the details. A drab room can easily be turned into a work of art of sorts with a few changes. It does not have to cost an arm and a leg either. If you want to transform your home into an enviable space, these key tips can help you achieve your goal.

Decide on a style

Assess your living space and ask yourself what appeals to you. Do you like a shabby-chic style or are you into contemporary decor? There are many types of decor styles, and you can go with one or blend several. If you live in a rented house in Delhi , Mumbai, or any other city provided by home rental services such as NestAway, you might want to consider finding out if altering your living space requires permission. While home decorating does not usually include making structural changes, you may want to redesign certain elements on a larger scale. Getting permission at the outset will help you avoid unnecessary problems.


Create a focal point

A focal point can lend a very interesting dimension to a room. It could be bold artwork on a wall, a large ceiling lamp, or a beautiful armchair. Whichever you choose, it should command attention in a tasteful manner.

Choose furniture wisely

It’s tempting to go wild when trying to fill a space. Furniture is often purchased without much forethought, and homeowners can find themselves saddled with one too many items. Instead of cluttering a room with too much furniture, settle on a few pieces that harmonise with the interior decor.

Be creative with storage

Cabinets provide excellent storage, but if space is at a premium or you want to try something different, don’t be afraid to get creative. There are many ways to create storage, such as using ladders to hold towels and bathrobes or using wire baskets stacked vertically on a wall to contain kitchen essentials. You can also build shelves in small nooks that would otherwise be left unutilised.

Use an antique piece

There’s a reason why antiques are so loved – they are timeless. A vintage dresser dating back to your grandmother’s time or an antique mirror you picked up from your travels can be a wonderful conversation starter and give a room more character.

Select the right paint colour

There are many paint colours you can choose from and almost as many finishes. While you could pick anyone, it should be able to complement your interior decor. A drab colour would clash with a bright and vibrant space, while a bold hue would not sit well with Parisian-inspired decor. A few favourite paint colours are blush, Palladian blue, cream, white, grey, and sea green. Give your home the attention it deserves with these simple decorating tips. You can apply them to any home, whether it’s a rental house in Bangalore or a flat in Mumbai.

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