Richard Blumenthal, an American lawyer and politician, once strongly asserted that “this junkyard is an environmental nightmare, strewn with tree stumps, old tires, derelict vehicles, scrap metal and other waste. This owner may be failing to properly dispose of vehicle fluids and other contaminating chemical- laden thrash, possibly imperiling groundwater and wells. He is junking the law as well as the environment.” This emotional piece from Richard is sadly, what is obtainable in the world today.

Daily, we make the world less habitable to man. This is frightening as man cannot make a habitat outside of his natural environment. When the ecosystem has had enough of our exploitation=, what then will become of man?


Thankfully, measures have been put in place to conserve the environment. Most items ate being recycled to avoid the waste of natural resources.

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How do I get rid of the junk in my house?

Why should I scrap my metal?

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