Having a fresh air to breathe is becoming a rarity. In Asia, people are getting sick every day and we have no one else to thank but pollution. There is a constant battle with poisonous gases which have made the continent an abode for bad air, allergies and other respiratory problems.

In the west, the air does not seem to be much of an issue, but in the near future, it may be. Politicians are turning their backs to nature, and this is a serious ticking time bomb that we really should be wary of. People who live in rural areas with little or no manufacturing industries now live longer than those in highly industrial cities. 

This post is centered towards educating out readers, in order to make them understand the little ways through which they can purify the air around their homes for a much healthy life.

  1. Put some plants in your home

Some plants have amazing capabilities of removing toxins from the air. These plants are common, and you have seen them in people’s homes more than once, but I bet you did not know that they are actually making the air better.

Here is a list of best plants that can improve the air in the room:

The science behind this is coming from NASA. NASA has proven that these plants can be used in closed spaces like their shuttles and that the air quality will improve.

  1. Clean The House


Dust is the number one culprit in home pollutants. And the best way to reduce the ratio of dust in the air is too clean the house regularly. Wipe the floor regularly, clean the sofa and other furniture and make sure people that are entering the house leave their outdoor shoes at the entrance. With this method, you are making sure no additional dust and other pollutants are not represented in the home.

  1. Air Ventilation

Best air is the one that is circulating all the time. In hot days we open windows and make the air flow, and by that, we improve the air quality in the room. But in winter time we are not opening windows so regularly. In winter time our air quality is not at best and, one of the ways to have air circulate in the winter is to use ceiling fans or simple tall fans like these ones to make sure air is flowing. 

  1. Buying An Air Purifier


An air purifier will cause the air to circulate in the room and that circulation will keep it fresh, but an air purifier will also remove particles and other pollutants from the air. By eliminating pollution from the air and removing all odors an air purifier is the number one choice if you wish to improve the air quality in the home. Most of the air purifiers are affordable and will do a good job in making the air clean and fresh.

  1. Pets out or Clean Them

When off the leash pets are playing in nature and pick up many particles and pollutants that may be bad for your breathing. That why you should leave your pets outside which is their natural environment or you should clean them before they get in the house. They don’t have shoes that you can remove at the entrance that why you need to clean them if you wish to keep the high air quality in the home.

  1. Dangerous Gases monitoring and Removal

Gases are dangerous and may be lethal in the high ratio. That’s why it is crucial to have some plants in your home and to be sure you should use gas detectors. Many gas monitors can detect various dangerous gases. If you have an air purifier and if the air purifier has remove gases option you can easily remove the hazardous gas with turning on your air purifier.


These are some ways to improve air quality in the home. Whichever you choose to use is your own decision, but I suggest to use all 5 of them. At least use simple ones like buying an air purifier, keeping the air ventilated and buying and placing some plants that have the capability of removing dangerous toxins from the air.

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