For most of us living in the city, the luxury of a large living space or a lot of free time is extremely rare. That’s why our home decor is usually placed on the back burner for that weekend in the future.

It is one of of the many areas of improvement in our lives that bares the brunt of our jam-packed schedules. However, it is one of the easiest to get done – if you know the right hacks. If your home interiors haven’t evolved much since you left college and you’ve been relying on minimalism as your excuse for curtain-less  windows and bare walls, here’s how to age your apartment (like fine wine, mind you) in a few simple, economical, and totally doable, steps.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Make Your Apartment Look All Grown Up And Mature

  1. Start With Quality

    Good quality furniture is well-crafted, has great design and is extremely comfortable. A great way to upgrade your home decor is to choose premium furniture. Yes, we know premium furniture comes with a premium price tag. However, renting premium furniture from companies such as CasaOne is extremely affordable. You can rent furniture for your entire home at a fraction of the cost of purchase.

    Plans are flexible and easily renewable – rent as little as a lamp to as much as a whole house’s worth of items, for a month to a year. What’s more, you don’t have to waste time shopping – everything you need is in one place online. Delivery assembly is free and as quick as within a few days.

  2. Put a frame on it

    One of the simplest and most effect ways to upgrade your art, posters, pictures and prints? Ditch the blu-tack and buy a bunch of frames.

    Choose frames of the same colour to add some design continuity to your wall decor.  wall-art

  3. Clear the clutter

    A bedroom that reminds you of your mom yelling ‘clean your room’ isn’t going to make you feel very grown up. Celebrate your adulthood with a great set of shelves (yes, that’s the mature way to do it).

    Rent out a bookshelf or a cabinet to neatly store those knick-knacks that don’t quite have a dedicated space. When you rent out storage furniture it’ll be delivered to your doorstep, and you don’t have to worry about reselling if your lease is running out. If your room is compact, remember to choose a shelf set that is designed vertically to avoid it taking up too much floor space.Cool-Tree-Shaped-Bookshelf

  4. Add plants

    Plants are a great way to add colour and breathe life into any space. If you aren’t confident you have a green thumb yet, get some low-maintenance greenery such as a large snake plant or some trendy cactus and succulent plants which are no trouble to care for at all.

    You can also rent natural looking faux plants online for a low cost, giving you room to switch up every few months.air_purifying_plants

  5. Have a direction

    If your living room interiors is more hodgepodge than wabi sabi, it may help to have a general theme and colour palette as you slowly add on items and choose furniture for your space. You don’t have to be rigid, but giving a thought to the bigger picture can lend your home some more finesse.

Work with what you already have, add on with some great quality rented home furniture, and then enhance with accessories such as cushions, lamps, rugs and throws to tie it all together.

Small changes go a long way to making your home feel more mature. A few tweaks every week can put you on the right path to a grown up looking apartment that’s a pleasure to wake up to every morning.

About CasaOne

CasaOne is a furniture rental service company that operates in San Francisco and Los Angeles. It provides luxury home and office furniture on rent on economical and flexible short- and long-term plans.

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