With the state of the home market today, sometimes it makes more sense to add on to your current home than to buy a new one. Not only are you adding equity to your current home, but you are adding the space that you need. You may be asking yourself how to begin this process. Here are a few steps to help make the project more manageable.


Determine Cost VS Benefit

Decide what you want to gain by adding on to your home. Set a budget of what you are willing to spend, and make sure to have a contingency budget. There will most likely be some unforeseen expense that will occur, especially if you have an older home. Shop around for contractors and see who is out there. Ask questions about whether the addition that you want to complete is possible due to the structure of your home or if the city you live in has building code restrictions.


Design and Plan

Determine how you want to use the space and draw it out. Try sketching in furniture to ensure that what you want to add will be usable. If you are struggling with this, consider using a designer. Make sure that the addition will match the style of your home. This will add value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.


Select Materials

Prefabricated trusses are an easy way to build the roof of your addition. Not only does it save you time over the traditional stick framing method, but it can save you money since they are specifically designed with your project in mind. Certain companies, like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd, realize that there are also other modular construction pieces that can be utilized. This can help the project be completed faster and save on-site labor costs.


Hire Professionals

Choose professionals that you feel comfortable talking to and have good credentials. Check out references and past projects that they have completed. Decide if there are parts of the projects that you are willing to take on in order to save money. If you are taking on some projects, make sure that it is clearly spelled out in the contract. Hiring a good professional can make the inconvenience of a major renovation go smoother and be completed quicker.

Hopefully, once the renovation is complete you will be left feeling satisfied. The key to a successful addition is to plan out the details. The details are important when you are embarking on a major home renovation.



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  1. Great tips! I think it’s very important to know your final goal while remoedling your home. Also you need to have top professionals by your side. When husband and I were remodeling our house, we met with several architects firms from Melbourne, where are we from. And after that decided which one is the most suitable for us.

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