We clean our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and all other rooms regularly. Are we doing it correctly? Yes, sometimes we make mistakes and we mostly don’t know that we are making those mistakes. Here are 5 common home cleaning mistakes you should try and avoid next time:

  1. Not Reading Instructions On Cleaning Products

To have the best performance and avoid any risks involved in the cleaning process with any cleaning product, we must pay attention to the instructions on the product. How to use the cleaner, what to clean with it and how to store it are some important aspects mentioned in the instructions on the products. Reading the instructions can allows you to know the best practices as well. But we often do not read and fail to make good use of the cleaning product.

  1. Combining Cleaners

There is hardly any all-propose cleaner in the market as various chemicals are good for various cleaning purposes. Sometimes we just mix different cleaning products which is a big mistake unless the instructions manual indicate to do so. Combining cleaners can have many fatal impacts on human health. Never again make this mistake.

  1. More Is Not Always Better


We often think that the more cleaning product we use the better it is for perfect cleaning and faster and better results. But it is not true. Sometimes using more than normal amount of cleaning product can lead to the damage of a product in your house. Learn about the recommended amount for each purpose and follow that.

  1. Cleaning In A Wrong Order

Many people have simply no idea exactly where to start the cleaning job like the floor or the windows, to vacuum first or dust etc. The simplest tip to keep in mind is always start from the top and dust before you vacuum. Before you clean the floor, make sure you clean the windows and walls to save you time.

  1. Using the Wrong Tool for The Job


You can’t use a single tool to clean everything. Sometimes a tool can be too abrasive for a job, leaving permanent damage or scratch on your items. For example, using a hard brush to scrap a carpet result in tarnishing of the carpet. You have to vacuum the carpet to remove the dirt and debris, then use a soft cloth to remove any stains. Then, you can use a soft brush with right shampoo to remove residue dirt. If you are using hard brushes on places and woods and soft materials on abrasive glass and metals, you are doing it right. If you do the reverse, you are going to damage your items.


These cleaning mistakes are not hard to follow. You just need to know and apply the right techniques. If you want to learn the best cleaning practices, hire a professional cleaning service provider like Cleaning Pros at least once a year and watch them clean every part of your home.

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