Remember that time when you walked into a friend’s house and just wished that was your home? Don’t think you’re the only one, it’s happened to me too! And a bunch of other connoisseur of beautiful things! It’s something only unique people have in common. One hidden fact that people do not realize is that a good décor will make your guests stay much longer, everyone loves a home that looks like heaven.

The good thing about this whole scenery is that you too can make your own home look that much gorgeous, you really do not have to continue envying other people’s living rooms, how about you put in some easy DIY efforts for a start?

This guide is nothing like the many others you will find online that will make you break the bank just to keep up, it’s really far from having you spend some expensive cash in order to purchase some antique décor accessories. It’s just about working clever.

Fixing up your living room into an enviable space needs creativity, it involved putting up a few clever ideas which would help you achieve your dream of an enviable living room.

Below, I have listed 10 unbelievably cheap ideas that will make your living room look like a paradise, as a matter of fact, friends will think you’ve just coughed out millions of cash to revamp your home, when you’ve only put in a few peanut-bucks….

Use Warm Colors



Whenever you add color or busy patterns to the room, choose soft hues that don’t fight each other. Warm colors create a simple but sophisticated look that is all the rage this year.

Mix Textures



To introduce more home decor interest, use different textures to create a well decorated look. Choose different furniture finishes, upholstered furniture fabric patterns, rugs and curtains.

Opt for Big Wall Art



If you want your living room look more luxurious, choose one large scale piece of art rather than a gallery wall of small pictures. The sheer size of it makes it look rich and sophisticated.

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