Has the aesthetic of your home become antiquated? Looking to switch things up in 2020? If so, there are a number of design options available to you. 

Curious as to what these design options are? Then read on. These are the best trends in home decor for 2020! 

home decor ideas for 2020

Utilize Natural Fibers

These days, natural fibers are becoming more and more popular. These fibers include everything from bamboo to wicker to rattan and the like. Rustic yet exotic, they supply a unique and intriguing aesthetic. 

There is natural fiber furniture of all kinds, from chairs to bookshelves to coffee tables and more. If you really want to modernize your home, you would be wise to buy some. And don’t limit it to the interior of your home; Buy some for your patio and your porch as well. 

Display Wildflowers

Plants are always an integral part of a home’s decor. That said, the types of plants displayed will vary based on current trends. At the present time, wildflowers are having their moment. 

These include everything from coneflowers to poppies to daisies to tall grasses and the like. If you can, find an open field and pick some flowers yourself. If you can’t find such a field, just buy some flowers from a shop and put them in vases throughout your house. 

Evoke the Jungle

It’s impossible to know why, but for some reason, certain decor themes become popular. For years, owl decor was a hit; Then, it was black and white photography. Now, jungle themes are popular. 

In keeping with this theme, you might consider buying some jungle-inspired portraits, paintings, and window drapes. Lions, tigers, and zebras would fit the theme perfectly. So too would leaves, dense forests, and bamboo. 

Handcraft It

Another aesthetic that’s set to break out in a big way is the “handcrafted” aesthetic. This is an aesthetic characterized by handmade pots, vases, storage boxes, and wall ornaments. It carries an old-timey and artistic aesthetic and can absolutely transform the look of a house. 

There are a few different ways you can achieve this aesthetic. One option is to go to markets and buy pieces from individual sellers. The other option is to make pieces yourself, utilizing ceramics, woven fabrics, and wood. 

If you really want to customize the look, you should opt for the latter. Making your own pieces will allow you to stamp your identity all over the face of your house. 

Make it Monochromatic

Tired of the grays and the whites? If so, you should consider going bold with it by utilizing a monochromatic color scheme. A solid blue, red, yellow, or green would undoubtedly bring identity to a room, making it unique among the others in your house. 

For instance, you could buy a blue couch and a blue TV stand and blue coffee tables. If you’re really looking to go extreme with it, you could even paint the walls blue. And if you’re dead-set on the look for the next few decades, you could install blue carpet. 

The monochromatic look is a bold one. But if you’re a bold person, there’s no reason to shy away from it. 

Break out the Buttons

Also growing in popularity is the button look. This is a look characterized by button-adorned pillows, chairs, paintings, and footrests. It adds a subtle but unique atmosphere to a home, allowing it to stand out among the others. 

You can find button-adorned accessories for sale everywhere. However, you could also take matters into your own hands, sewing your own buttons onto your own furniture. You may visit a sewing blog to learn more on how to do this.

If you opt for the latter, the combinations are endless. So, get out there and get creative!

Mix the Modern With the Antiquated

For the last decade or so, modernity and antiquation have had their place. However, up until this point, they were — by and large — kept separate. This is no longer the case. 

These days, homeowners are starting to mix the modern with the antiquated. On a single wall, you might see a high-end painting sitting next to an old canvas print. On a single coffee table, you might see a handmade vase sitting next to a knick-knack from the local thrift store. 

This aesthetic is interesting in that it delivers a sort of responsible but laid-back charm. It’s not too stuffy . . . but not too loose either. 

Paint it Black

One of the more interesting trends going around is the black door. Homeowners are painting their interior doors black, and, in the process, are providing the interiors of their homes with a sort of dark and mysterious atmosphere. 

If you really want to make this work, you should contrast the black door against a bright, monochromatic color scheme. The difference between the dark door and a colorful wall will create an intriguing, eye-catching effect, one that will intoxicate all of those who lay their eyes upon it. 

Bolden Up the Bathroom

Bathrooms are known for their neutral and — dare way say it? — boring decor. Well, fortunately, that’s starting to change. These days, more and more homeowners are making efforts to bolden up their bathrooms; You should consider doing the same. 

Maybe you could install some graphic wallpaper? Perhaps you could paint a single wall blue? Maybe you could use antique soap dispensers? 

If you really want to get crazy, install a sliding glass door. Wouldn’t it be awesome to access your bathroom from outside without having to walk through the rest of your house? Check out some of the best sliding glass doors now. 

Learn More About the Best Trends in Home Decor

And there they are, some of the best trends in home decor for 2020. If you want your home to measure up to the best, you would be wise to start instituting some of these design ideas now. 

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