Some Modern Building Trends We’ll See In 2020

concrete house design

2020 will be a big year in home design, as the trends focus on long term sustainability, efficiency, and timeless materials. If you are looking for a modern builder that uses innovative design and has a reputation for excellence, check out Ben Trager Homes in Perth. Now is a great time to build, and there […]

The Best Home Decor Gifts for 2021


There are few gifts that continue to inspire and delight the way that a gift for the home does. Whether it’s beautiful trinkets, meaningful artwork, or a unique timepiece, gifting something for the home offers a lovely reminder every time the receiver lays their eyes on it; a reminder of you, a reminder of positive […]

It’s a Good Thing: The Best Trends in Home Decor for 2020!


Has the aesthetic of your home become antiquated? Looking to switch things up in 2020? If so, there are a number of design options available to you.  Curious as to what these design options are? Then read on. These are the best trends in home decor for 2020!  Utilize Natural Fibers These days, natural fibers […]