Converting your home into a Smart Home is not easy at all. The technology does not yet integrate a 360ยบ solution that is efficient enough, but here we leave the best gadgets so you can start making your home  more and more intelligent. If you want more information about gadgets, you can learn at Noflufftech.

The future of our homes goes through converting them into more efficient homes. Either implementing standards such as passive houses, or adopting new technologies that help us have more  control. The combination of both will lead us to have smart homes with minimal energy consumption.

However, the smart home technology is still in its infancy . It is diversified and although there are many things we can do, it still has a long way to go.

So, what can we do to turn our home into a smart home? We collect the most useful gadgets.

Voice assistants For A Smart Home

`you’re going to leave home, you’re cloudy, do I take umbrellas?’

A quick question about time and your home assistant tells you what the weather forecast is.  Here the 12 best options to turn your home into a smart home.

1. Echo & Alexa from Amazon.  Although it is currently still a bit limited, we can integrate  Alexa with smart products and order it to turn on lights (Philips Hue), open windows, etc. Also with their skills we can access a lot of useful information and organize our day to day.

2. Google Home. In the case of Google Assistant and Google Home, we still have to wait for it to arrive in Spain, but it promises to be similar to Amazon’s Echo, a speaker and smart device to whom we can ask  to control the house.

3. Home Kit & Siri from Apple. Actually, Home Kit is an app that brings together all of Apple’s home automation products. However, the investment to have them all is high. Of course, if you decide on this you  can control doors, windows, temperature, lights, fans, bells, cameras, etc. from a mobile device, and even just using your voice, directing you to Siri.

Digital thermostats For A Smart Home

As you should know, controlling the temperature of your home is important if you want to control consumption at home. More and more  digital thermostats become more sophisticated and useful. They are, undoubtedly, an essential part in a smart home.

4. Nest smart thermostat. This is an intelligent thermostat that learns from your habits to regulate the temperature of your home according to your tastes. After a first week of learning, Nest is turned on so you  have breakfast with the temperature you like and save it by lowering it when you detect that there is no one in the house. It is undoubtedly a great investment, especially for those who do not have thermostats or  have a manual one. A great option for saving and automation.

5. Ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat. This intelligent thermostat allows us to control the temperature and consumption in air conditioning of the house. We can control it from an app thanks to the fact that it  connects to the Wifi of our home. Although it does not learn from our habits, it is easily programmable. In addition, the third generation version works with Amazon Alexa, and also with the Apple Kit. A good  combination if you want to equip your home as Smart home. 

Illuminating A Smart Home

Recently we told you that you can save more than 80% in lighting with LED luminaires . However, in a smart home we go further to the point of controlling the bulbs completely from our smart watches, while those who wear classy wrist watches like Panerai can control their appliances from their smartphones.

6. Philips Hue Bulbs: This type of Philips-designed light bulbs allow you to control the color, intensity, contrast to create different environments in your home. And always with the most efficient technology, with  LED bulbs . You can control them from any smart device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The ones from Philips are not the only option on the market, but the ones that offer more features. If you do not need your bulbs to change color.

Best Security and detectors For A Smart Home

Until now we had to subcontract security companies to monitor our home. Here we leave you some gadgets to  control the security of your home:

7. Netgear Arlo Pro. This is a home surveillance system that you can easily install in your home. Without wires, with great autonomy, and saves surveillance videos in the cloud. It is also capable of sounding an  alarm to deter thieves. One of its advantages is that you can see what is happening at home from your mobile device, through your app. If you are going to monitor the exterior of your home, do not worry, Arlo  resists wind, snow, rain and high temperatures.

8. LG Smart Security Wireless Camera. In this case it is designed for the interior of the house.

9. Notion Home Sensor. This is a detector that ‘home awareness’. It is not defined as a professional security device but it does control the environment of your home so you are aware of everything. It tells you  when a door or window opens, of temperature variations, if you have a water leak, it is a smoke detector, etc. And everything configurable so that it notifies you when something happens in hours in which you  are working. In this way you can detect unauthorized entries.

10. Nest Protect. It is a detector of smoke and carbon dioxide, without more. However, as it connects to a mobile app via wifi you can find out if there is smoke at home even if you are at work through  notifications. And you can even make a direct call to emergencies. It is also easy to disable from any mobile device.

With these gadgets you can start to assemble your own smart home and control your consumption . If you also monitor your Control Panel well as a Lucera client, you will surely notice it on your electricity bill.  

Do you aim to be efficient?

Some Efficient Ways to Maintain your Home Smart

11. Give more independence to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the main divisions of a house, and one of the places where there are more intelligent equipment available. The refrigerator is one of those equipment that we think is 

just for food preservation, but nowadays, with intelligent refrigerators, we have a new scenario. The refrigerator can be connected to your schedule, weather, ordering new foods and even 

12. Suggest recipes with the food inside.If healthy eating is a concern for you, you’ll enjoy meeting Hapifork, a fork that controls the food you eat, the speed you eat, and helps you monitor the calories you eat. In addition to the 

fork there is also the SmartPlate, a plate with sensors and cameras that controls what you eat, telling you whether you are eating right or not, counting calories and promoting healthy eating.

Imagine going to the grocery store, taking your usual list of products to buy, and even then forgetting about a product. Is this thought familiar? Then get to know Genican, a rubbish bin that 

records all the products you put in the trash, reading the barcode and inserting those products into your next shopping list.

This is just a small sample of the gadgets you may find in your kitchen.Have a restful and controlled sleep, the bedroom is one of the rooms where we spend most of our time, mainly sleeping. In order for you to wake up happily and energized to start a new day, the Amazon Echo is the perfect gadget to have at your headboard. It is not a simple alarm clock, it also checks the outside weather, puts your favorite music to play, reads a book and even turns on the lights, all controlled by your voice.

What do you think about having a mattress that you think has a mattress that fits your sleep? Adjusting to your movements, tracking your sleeping habits and even helps stop snoring, all so you can have a restful night.

If the air inside your room influences your sleep or your health, know that there are already intelligent humidifiers and even fans that release hot and cold air, according to your preferences. 

Google also already has a smart gadget, Google Home, which allows you to search anything through your voice, as if you were actually doing a search on the site.

13. Have an iTech Room. The first thing people think when they hear about technology in the room is on a Smart TV. But there are many more innovations beyond this.

Smart thermostats seize their habits and adjust to their way of living, controlling temperatures independently. Wireless speakers will allow you to communicate with the entire house and Control the sound in all rooms.

An intelligent lighting system that allows you to change the color, brightness and intensity of the light, adapting to the different situations from day to day. And those times when you’re relaxing on the couch and you have to get up to see who rang the bell? Now you no longer need to get up, you can see and talk to whoever is out there and open the door for you through a smartphone.

14. The bathroom does not need to be boring. Finally, the bathroom is often a separate room, we have only the necessary equipment and utensils. But it does not have to be this way, you can have technological products, practical and beautiful in your bathroom. One of the most talked-about devices is the automatic toilets, which open the lid automatically, let out jets of water and heat and still put your favorite music to play. If this is out of your reach, you can start with small objects.

Imagine going to take a shower, where it would be enough to tell the shower to turn on the water, at the ideal temperature, with led lights with calming and medicinal effects. Then, instead of looking for your shampoo in the middle of the many packages you have in the shower, you just have to put your hand under the automatic dispenser to find your shampoo.

At the end, he left the bath and dried himself with a towel that had been previously heated in a drawer. In those days when you just wanted to relax a bit, you can take a shower in a steam shower. After the shower, he would brush his teeth with a brush that tells him how his brushing habits are and teaches him how to improve. In the end, iRobot cleaned the bathroom floor.

It seems to us a unique experience, it made it easier for us to do some tasks and we had more time to devote ourselves to other activities, or simply to rest.

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