Is your home beginning to feel a bit outdated but your struggling to think of ideas to improve its appearance? We’ve got some exciting ways to not only give your home a brand new look but to also improve current the value of your home.

New Front Door Designs


Installing a brand new front door is probably not on your list of ways to improve your home, but have you considered that this is the first impression visitors have of your house. Modernising your front door can transform the initial feel of your home. The porch and hall both similarly dictate initial impressions and are often more neglected areas of a home.

New Interior Doors 

It’s not just the front door that can affect the feel of your home, but investing in modern interior doors can too. Make sure to find a design that works throughout your home. Alternatively, you could paint existing doors to freshen up your home on a lower budget.

Add A Conservatory

Gone are the days when conservatories were boiling through the summer months and freezing cold in the winter, thanks to more modern conservatories. Make the most of the early morning sun and create a space to retreat to and completely relax in. Connect to the outside world, while staying warm and cosy, listening to the sound of the rain. Head over toIdeal Home for some great conservatory ideas to suit any home.

Add A Patio

Transform your garden into a space you will utilise throughout the summer months by adding a patio or decking area. This will increase the value of your home and will be a great space for entertaining guests if you add deck chairs, a table and a BBQ. You could even invest in some patio heaters which you can find here – and some blankets so you can still enjoy the outside area on slightly colder nights.

Remodelling The Kitchen

Consider remodelling your kitchen to make it both a functional and a fun space for all the family. The kitchen has fast become the hum of every family house and is used as a space for cooking, entertaining and enjoying family time together. Consider installing energy-efficient appliances as this initial investment will be beneficial in the long run. Alternatively, updating your kitchen doesn’t need to break the bank, and even a fresh coat of paint can transform the space.

Reinvent A Room

Has your garage become a storage area for unwanted and unloved belongings? Why not transform the space into a home gym or change an unused spare bedroom into a home office or a cosy space for relaxing and retreating to.

New Roof

Have you had the same roof ever since you have moved in? Why not consider an upgrade to add to the value of your home and to transform its external appearance. For Newcastle roof repair, consider Findley Roofing, the North of England’s leading roofing company.

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