Electricity is dangerous but it is also an essential part of your everyday life. Of course there are still places where this is not the case but the majority of people cannot imagine surviving without electricity.

If you’re looking to install home security lights then there are a few tips that you should take notice of before you start:

Know Your Stuff

If you’ve never touched anything electrical before this is probably not the type of project you should be starting on. Electricity and the outside elements do not generally mix well.

In this instance you would be better to call the Electrical Detectives and have them complete the installation for you. Even if you are experienced at dealing with electricity at home it is worth having your current installation checked and verified by a professional. It can affect the validity of your house insurance.

Approved Lighting

It is essential that your sensor lights are properly approved and rated to work outside. If they are not then they are likely to fail the first tile you have inclement weather.

Approved lighting will be certified to be waterproof no matter what the weather throws at it.

You’ll also need to make sure any connections are waterproof and all switches are inside a building.

Choose Your Spot

It’s a good idea to use motion detectors. These are small sensors that are connected to the power supply. When they detect a movement they allow power through to the light, illuminating the area where movement was detected.

These are perfect if you don’t want to waste electricity but also need to be aware if someone comes to your property.

The best places to fit sensors are on the main traffic routes; they should pick up any approach to a door into your property. Where possible they should also capture movement by windows or even the entrance to your land.

Power Down

Before you install your home security lights you should shut down the power to your home. This will help you to stay safe while you wire them in to the grid.

It is a good idea to have a separate breaker switch for your outside electrics; just in case there is an issue.

Current regs state you need a switch on the inside of your home. You will need to run cables from your fuse box to the switch and then through the wall to the outside security light.

It is a good idea to keep the cable out of sight; if you don’t it is relatively easy to cut and de-active your security lights.

You should also install a plastic box in or onto your wall to accommodate the switch; this will reduce the likelihood of an electrical shock if a problem does develop with the circuit.

Get The Wiring Right

Most security lights will come with a diagram showing how they should be wired. It is essential that you follow this diagram and ensure that the same connections are made at your breaker. It is worth checking the wiring color codes for your area first.

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