You can continue to load up on air fresheners with your windows as open as a freeway, but If you don’t tackle every offensive smell in your house from within, they are sure going to keep up with their evil job of making your homes stink.

Why Does Your House Smell Bad?

Every house has it’s smell, it could be fresh or even rotten, as a matter of fact, the smell can go a very long way to have an effect on the body scent of the individuals that live in it. Now take a walk into your house, then take a very deep breath, for real, take a deep one, can you smell that? Home smells! Offensive? Yeah!

We can pretend all we want, and get very much comfortable when we are indoors, but we have often felt a sharp difference when we get into our homes and notice that the air around us is no longer as pleasant as it was outside. Here are some tips towards helping your home have a refreshing scent.


Bad Home Smell Remedies – Tip 1: Love Your Pets!

Do you have pets that have no restrictions from getting into your house? Yeah right! Then they’ve contributed to that ugly smell!  The number one step to getting rid of the pet smell is to clean the pets up themselves; a proper and regular bathe should do the trick. Check out where your pet sleeps, how about where it eats? Clean them up with as much disinfectants as possible but be careful not to apply too much, disinfectants are also toxic. If you notice your pets urinate somewhere close, then you’ll have to do more to mark your own territory.

Bad Home Smell Remedies – Tip 2: Beneath Your Kitchen Sink

Lots of times, we have tried to take a look down there, but the feeling is unpleasant! That’s because the under of the sink is always cold and stinky. A lot of mustiness which was caused by mildew and mold, the god thing is, your eyes can see them. To take care of these, you’ll need to burst open every door, then apply a little grease on the interior parts. Furthermore, you’ll need to get a dehumidifier to help improve air circulation in your kitchen. Putting some vinegar in a bowl and having it laced underneath your kitchen sink will also do a good job.


Bad Home Smell Remedies – Tip 3: Oh No! It’s The Foam!

For all those times you got home tired and went straight to the bed, you contributed t the foul smell of your home! All the dead skin and body oils which have been shed on the foam can be very stinky especially on old beds. The best way out of this is to sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress for 1-2 hour or more, then get a vacuum cleaner to clean it all up! For another way out, just have your mattress sunned for as many days as possible.

Bad Home Smell Remedies – Tip 4: Check Your Fridge!

The fridge is saddled with the very important duty of keeping our food fresh, however can e trust electricity companies? Sometimes that foul smell is coming from the fridge. To properly address this source of embarrassment, have your fridge totally empty, clean it with a mixture of baking soda and water and further sanitize it with a mixture of one tablespoon of bleach and a gallon of water to neutralize the effect of the bleach. Allow it to dry out for a couple of days and you’ll have an odorless fridge.


If for any reason you think your home does not smell, you’ll need to think again! It’s probably so because you live in it, and your organs have gotten used to the atmosphere around your home. You know that foul smell that makes it hard for you to breathe when you go visiting a friend, that’s exactly what I mean, you could have yours too! Deal with it!

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