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One of the most important investments you’ll probably make in your life is buying a home. It’s considered a fulfillment of a dream and according to a study, 4 out of 5 Americans (about 84%) believes that buying a home is a priority. 

However, buying a home is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. There are a lot of things you should deal with before finalizing that purchase. One vital aspect of home buying is the location. Are you considering homes for sale GA listings? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s in It in Georgia? 

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Located in the southeastern part of the U.S.A. is Georgia. This state is also considered the largest one among the states in the east of the Mississippi River. Georgia is known as the “Peach State” because it produces the highest-quality peaches in the country.

Peaches from Georgia are known to have excellent flavor and look real good! The state is also a top producer of pecans and peanuts in America. Plus, if you’re a fan of Vidalia onions, the sweetest type of onion in the world, you’ll only find them in the fields of Glennville and Vidalia.

Georgia was a leader in industrial and economic growth in the past that’s why this state is also called the “Empire State of the South”.

Today, the state’s economy continues to boost averaging 5% economic growth per annum in the years 2005 to 2019. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic gains of Georgia has been affected like every state and country in the world. Despite this, the state’s economy is still projected to recover by 5% in 2021. No wonder why a lot of people still choose to buy real estate in Georgia country.

Whether you have already set your mind to buy real estate in Georgia or contemplating whether it is the right location for you or not, here are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to this state:

Low Cost of Living

Compared to other states in America, Georgia relatively has a low cost of living. Most living expenses such as groceries, health, and utilities are reported to be affordable.

The cost of living in Georgia is 3% lower than the national average. When it comes to housing, prices vary per state. As of December 2020, the housing market trends report shows that the national median listing price was $340,000. Meanwhile, the latest median home value in Georgia is $232,144.

This just shows that home investing in Georgia is a wise decision. Check out https://timstoutteam.com/ to find available Georgia homes at different prices.


One of the major reasons why people move into Georgia is the climate. There is a perfect blend of sunshine and rainfall throughout the year. The average temperature during summer is 80 degrees. Autumn may be quick but you’ll love the presence of spectacular fall foliage.

Winters can also be short with an average temperature of 40 degrees. There may be a few occasions of light snowfall throughout the year in the north. Springtime in Georgia not only offers residents warm afternoons but also sightings of beautiful flowers, dogwoods, azaleas, and more.

Fortune 500 Companies

Georgia takes pride in being a key location of choice for many Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits. This is because Georgia offers a competitive business environment and easy access to the global market.

As of writing, there are 18 Fortune 500 Companies and 34 Fortune 1000 Companies in Georgia. This means that if you decide to live in Georgia, you have a high chance of getting a job in one of those big companies.


This is an essential factor for families doing a Georgia real estate search. Good thing that education in Georgia is highly regarded. In Georgia, education is free and compulsory from ages six to 16. The state has also made sure to apply new curricula and develop a teacher professional development scheme.

The state boasts of having some of the best high schools in the U.S.A. Georgia also offers to pay residents their college tuition if they maintain a certain grade through the HOPE scholarship program.


Tourism in Georgia is one of its key drivers for economic progress. The state recorded 9.3 million international arrivals in 2019 alone. This shouldn’t be a surprise because of the many attractions Georgia offers. One of Georgia’s highlights is its natural beauty.

There are many beaches to explore, including St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island. A barrier island in Georgia called Tybee Island was even used as the location for films “The Last Song” and “Baywatch”.

Your family will surely enjoy visiting each of the 47 state parks. Other family-friendly attractions include museums, aquariums, historic sites, theaters, and more.


Both locals and tourists are in for an enjoyable time in Georgia. There are plenty of festivals and events being organized to keep the community alive.

During these celebrations, people gather and jam to live music, drink local beer and wine, and satisfy their palate through southern specialty cuisines. The best events in Georgia you shouldn’t miss include the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, the International Cherry Blossom Festival, and Oktoberfest.

Home Buying Tips

A Georgian home for sale

Ready to check out homes for sale GA listings? Take note of these tips before proceeding with that purchase:

Check Your Credit Report

You must review your credit report at least three months before applying for a home loan. This is to check if there are some errors on your record. And if there are, you’ll have time to file a dispute and have them corrected. If you have a low credit score you might consider usda loans, since it is available in Georgia.

Don’t Skip the Mortgage Pre-Approval

Mortgage pre-approval shows sellers that you are a serious buyer. One who has a pre-approved mortgage has an advantage over those who don’t. Also, pre-approval only shows you homes that are within your price range.

Look for Hidden Costs

Just because the home already looks perfect doesn’t mean you don’t check what’s on the contract. Make sure that the overall cost of the home still fits your budget. Miscellaneous fees like taxes, utilities, insurance shouldn’t cost you more.

Consider the Home’s Resale Value

Although selling may not be on your mind, it’s still helpful to think about this possibility. Look at the general preferences of a home buyer, not just in the looks of the property but also in the neighborhood. You may also want to check if the house is worth redecorating in case you will need to transfer in a year or so.

Keep an Open Mind

There’s no perfect home. You need to be flexible when looking for homes for sale GA listings. Compromises must be made but make sure it’s still within your budget.


Moving into Georgia is a good call because of the many benefits this state offers. It is affordable to live here and you’ll get access to plenty of great job opportunities. The state is also rich in attractions and events making sure you’ll have time for pleasure. Will you be a Georgian resident soon?

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