How buyers should prepare to buy construction homes for sale Calgary


Although 2020 has been a bad year for the real estate market globally due to the rampaging Covd19 pandemic, the picture in specific regions and countries is better than the rest. For example, Calgary’s housing market remained steady, and despite the weaknesses in some particular segments of the market, the recovery of total sales remained […]

Things to consider when buying a house with a pool


There are various reasons why people opt for a house with a pool. From hosting neighborhood pool parties to having a place to cool in hot weather to find an excuse to buy air mattresses, properties with a pool have experienced a surge in demand. A home with a pool adds to the aesthetic appeal […]

Property Management Tips for First-Time Landlords

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Yes, holding an income property can be a lucrative business. However, becoming an effective landlord takes a significant amount of commitment, dedication, and hard work. At the outset, you have to look for good tenants. Then, once you have the deserving occupants of your property, there’s the responsibility of dealing with them. Indeed, there’s so […]

Buying a House During the Pandemic? What You Should Expect

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With trillions of dollars lost in the economic market, banks and financial institutions try desperate measures to stop the collapse of the economy. With the steady drop in stock value and profit, it has become clear that things are going to the drain faster than we thought. However, some markets may still be holding up- […]

Get the Most When Selling Your House: A Real Estate Negotiation Guide

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There are different ways you can negotiate when selling your house. You can check out our real estate negotiation guide here. Homebuyers are always trying to get sellers to lower their asking price. But, why come down if you don’t have to? Today, we’re going to discuss a few negotiation tactics. Most people feel awkward […]

Should I Fix My House or Sell It as Is? A Guide

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Millions of homes are listed for sale each year. Homeowners have their pick of many choice properties in markets where supply outweighs demand. If you are asking yourself “should I fix my house before selling it?” There are pros and cons to selling a home as-is.  Check out this guide to selling your home as is […]

How To Earn Your Real Estate License

Are you thinking of a career change that offers greater flexibility and allows you to be your own boss? If you are driven, hard-working and good at managing your time, then real estate might be the perfect career choice for you. Real estate is a popular career choice because it offers great earning potential and […]