5 Simple Home Maintenance Tips You Must Know

Basic Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance is not limited to repairs. Truth be told, certain assignments – when performed consistently – may really keep things from softening up the primary spot. In any case, when things do turn out badly, we have some reinforcement designs that you can attempt before you snatch the telephone to call for experts. Machines and pipes are the most regular guilty parties, however, they additionally frequently can be the least complex to administer to. From the drains to the lounge room cover, there’s a dependable strategy for keeping all aspects of your home spotless, safe, and all around kept up.

5 Simple must-do maintenances are:

The speediest fix is to not have the issue in any case. Here’s an agenda of things each homeowner ought to get to consistently.

  1. Noticing your Garage door condition in a month is –MUST

Every garage door opener has some logical circuits in it which recognize your commands through speech and which is operated through a hand-held remote. This garage door panel is normally mounted on the door so that the door can be operated easily. If all remotes are working intermittently, or stop working there may be interference.

In order to save yourself from many hassles, test your garage door entryway opener month to month to guarantee that it turns around when it hits a deterrent or when its sensor pillar interferes.

  1. Cleaning of clothes dryer’s exhaust duct is really important

Don’t forget to Vacuum the garments dryer’s fumes channel in any event once every year. On the off chance that the channel is plastic, supplant. Inflexible sheet-metal ducting is ideal. Normally, dryer’s get affected due to poor maintenance, bad installation process or improper use of the material.

For cleaning, just remove the lint trap filter first. It is better to clean it on regular basis. Then vacuum the inside of the lint trap. It would help you to remove the slightest amount of dirt. Then unplug the dryer machine so that every part can be disconnected and clean easily. Detach all of the separate pieces.

  1. Testing of GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is really important

GFCI is really important for electrical circuit’s safety at home as they help in proper functioning plus the button placed with them are so effective that within seconds you can check the effectiveness of the whole device.

Keep in mind that once in a week, you do perform the periodic testing of your GFCI sockets. It has also a reset button which double checks that if the voltage is working perfectly or not. It is basically needed to make your home safer and more comfortable.

  1. Make sure that your AC’s condenser is clean

Clean leaves and debris from the condenser of a central air conditioner are one of the essential things.

  • Shut the power off.
  • On the exterior condenser/compressor, remove the fan cage. Using a screwdriver, remove the fasteners and lift the cage or fan grill away from the top of the unit.
  • Then make sure that you have checked the outer covers and vacuum it properly to remove all the dirt.
  • After removing the dust, just replace the fan cover. Then clean all the ducts and areas so that air can flow properly and your AC remains in a well-functioning system.
  • Also, clean ducts and proper airflow are essential to a well-functioning system.

  1. Make sure your windows and entryways are properly done

Investigate window and entryway caulking and climate stripping yearly.

  • Inspect doorframes for gaps and holes that may need sealing. If there are any holes or cracks on the exterior side of the door around the frame, seal them with one of the best caulk gun rated for outdoor use. Insert the caulk tube into a caulking gun, cut off the end with a utility knife at an angle and push the gun’s plunger against the bottom of the tube.
  • Install foam tape weather stripping. Foam tape weather stripping installs easily and usually comes with a peel-off backing. Measure the doorstep at the top and both sides with a tape measure.
  • It is better to have a door sweep on the outer side of your doors. If the door sweep is placed on the bottom of the door well when the door is closed then just check the door sweep’s rubber is tight or not

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