Having an awesome combination of Pink, White and steel is a one stop industrial and traditional design theme that never loses its appeal. For most home owners, Pink is a first-love. For an interior space which is carefully blended with the above listed elements, in the right proportions, there is a high possibility of a sharp yet complementary contrast in the interior space.

Take a look at the interior design theme below, the extended lamp at the centre of the living area is given a very soft touch by the romantic additions like the chandelier. Also, the light coated textured wall and the sleek and glossy finish of stainless steel makes the interior space radiant, the pink vintage-style fridge also gives off a vibrant look.

This home is definitely a lot of things put  together in order to fit the personality of the homeowner perfectly.


loft house design  loft14_3g loft14_4g loft14_5g loft14_6g loft14_7g loft14_9g loft14_10g

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