The best way to get the air ducts cleaning and improve the air quality is simple: All components of the HVAC system should be clean for a more effective result. What will happen, is that the entire system will get contaminated again, which is what we want to avoid. When you want a thorough cleaning, you do not clean only ΒΌ of the actual thing, you clean the entire thing!

What to take into consideration?

The following components are important to get properly cleaned: air ducts, coils, drain pain, air plenum, heat exchanger, blower, grills and registers.

Filters need to be changed for a higher efficiency.

Remove any kind of contamination.

Access holes in the ductwork may be required, if that is the case, duct cleaners are certified to do so.

Let a professional duct and air vent cleaning company take care of such task. To make sure that you pick a professional company in your area, you can look at the NADCA Professional directory

What to remember

Next, many contaminants are not easy to remove. This is why professional duct cleaners will loosen theses bacteria with a mount truck unit that acts like a big vacuum. The air that gets compressed and pushed through the systems is so powerful that everything gets dislodged and moved to their unit. Some companies even use other devices to help with the tougher contaminants like brushes, air whips and compressed air nozzles. That air that gets pushed its called negative pressure. It does not spread contaminants in the HVAC unit nor released in the living spaces of your home once the system gets turned on after the air duct cleaning. If a certain odor is persistent, solutions exists, like sanitizers, disinfectant and deodorizers, to get fumed in the duct work, killing all bacteria that could be left and leaving your home with a nice smell. For better results, always request and natural and 100% ecologically safe product, like Benefect.

The typical recommendation

Air duct cleaners recommend that your air ducts get cleaned every 3-5 years, and your dryer vent every year. If your house is going through some renovations, or some renovations are happening inside the house, a ductwork cleaning will be needed then. It is recommended to get your ducts cleaned by professionals who are certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and has an excellent rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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