When moving into a rental apartment, it’s commonplace for your own personal requirements to come to the fore. Most of the time, we find ourselves looking around the place and wondering what we have just moved into. That’s a major issue, and can often mean you wind up spending a lot of money on making permanent upgrades to a house you won’t be staying in.

Unless you can convince your landlord to either meet you half way or pay for it for you (good luck with that…), you should look to make the most of some smart temporary interior upgrades. Here are three key temporary interior upgrades that you can find makes your general quality of life a whole lot easier to master:

Buy Versatility

One of the best temporary interior upgrades that you can make is choosing furniture pieces that can be moved around. For example, a modular sofa that allows for both left and right handers is a good place to start. Folding tables, coffee tables with extra storage and items that can have more than one use generally (or can be stored away with ease) make a wonderful place to begin.

You want to buy stuff that can be moved around as you see fit, provide more than one use, and will be coming with you when the agreement ends. Also, try and invest in a rug or two that can be used in a more neutral sense; something to add a touch of warmth and comfort that you can use in various looks/styles, and rooms should you move on. You can find many quality rugs online, so if you cannot get something local be sure to look at the various cheap rugs online you can get access to.

Change the Lighting

Another key part of temporary improvements is in the lighting. Lighting quality matters a great day, and you should be willing to make a small investment in some different lighting styles. Grow a little collection of various floor and table lamps that you can take with you when you leave. This allows you to ignore the ghastly ‘big’ lights pre-installed for you and instead make the place feel a touch more like your own.

While you likely cannot upgrade light fixtures in the first place (nor would you want to if you are only here for now) you can easily bring your own lighting solutions with you to make a massive difference to your overall experience.

Altering the Windows

Most rentals tend to have horrible and garish looking windows with very poor drapes, no drapes at all, or a very old-school look not befitting your own style. So, you should look to invest in some of these; so long as you keep the old window coverings that were there previously you can make the most of this experience without too much issue.

Simply add in some fresh curtains that fits with your budget and/or roller blinds after you do a spot of measuring. Just make your next properties’ windows can make use of them, too, or it’s a waste of money!

Overall, you can use these three simple aims to help make a much more impressive level of change to a rental property. You are here for the short-to-medium term, so you may as well make it feel like home until the moment you pack up and go, right?


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