This post gives a detailed guide with easy tips on professional interior design ideas for students rooms.

So you’re on to a new academic session in school, and you’ve probably just gotten a new apartment. But although your room on campus is pretty small and private, you are hoping to make the best use out of every inch, to make it as comfortable as possible because you will be spending quite a lot of time studying in this tiny room.

You’ll also have your friends coming around to chill from time to time, and there’s the chance you might have to fix up one or two parties for a few celebrations.

This post is here in order to inspire you in the best possible way, to give your small room as much life as it can get.

We can definitely agree that most student rooms look drab at the first instance, they don’t give off a good first impression. However, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to have a fabulous crib… check out some of our tips below:

Every Square Inch Should Count

Sometimes, you have much more than the space of your room can contain. In most cases, many house owners care only about how many rooms they can make out of every small space in order to maximize profit.

To get the best out of your room, you need to consider your packing and layout strategy. You should put the big bags you don’t need so often, in the deepest corners, maybe beneath the bed, or atop the dresser.

You can also have none essentials packed into those big bags to save some extra inch.

Get A Perfectly Sized Bed

For every student room, the bed is always the centre of the space, it’s not just about your sleeping space. Be sure to get a bed that isn’t too big and at the same time, not too small for your comfort.

Creative Lighting

Your room’s lighting is another important factor to consider, proper lighting gives you more control, thus, it is proper to have as much lighting options as needed. Remember, you’ll be doing a lot of reading in this small apartment.

We will recommend buying an extra table lamp for your important study sessions, you don’t want lighting to be an excuse for getting bad grades.

Something To Remember

Sometimes you need a motivating piece, something about home or family. Trust me, at some point in your university life, you are going to be feeling home-sick. Get some beautiful picture frames and put those pictures that hold beautiful memories about home.

Visualize More Space

Earlier on, we published a series of posts about how to make your room look visually larger than it really is. You can put your mirror just behind your door to create the illusion of more room space. You don’t want to feel like your room is a cave.


Making your room cozy is another very important factor to consider. If you can afford it, you can get a cute area rug to give your floor space some personalized feeling. Trust me, there are times you won’t feel like sitting or lying on the bed either, those rugs will come in useful at such times.

Get as many pillows as possible, the normal bed pillows and a few colorful throw pillows. A warm blanked is also very much ideal, you may not have all the time to grab as much sleep as possible, but you definitely want to get the best out of every little nap you take.

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