Without a doubt, jack hammers have the ability to make your work ninety-nine percent easier and more efficient. While this can be quite a pricey item to purchase for a one-off job, here are a few tips that can help you decide on your need for a jack hammer.

Jack Hammer Rental Information

Jack Hammers also referred to as pneumatic drills are used in the breaking down of very hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete pavements and slabs, and rocks. They are useful tools in mining, excavation and construction.

Why You Need A Jack Hammer

The jackhammer unlike the sledge hammer or pickaxe does the job of drilling through or breaking down hard matter, safely and with less effort. It is a power tool designed with a chisel-like bottom which makes it a very efficient tool for demolishing hard matter more than any chisel and hammer combination.

home depot jack hammer rental cost at lowes
Removing old tiles. Jackhammer – drilling demolition hammer on floor.

Jack Hammer Rental Stores Near You

You can rent a jack hammer from most hardware stores across the United States and Canada. Preferably, visit a Lowes or Home Depot rental store for quality and affordable rentals on jackhammers.

How Much Does A Jack Hammer Cost?

Jackhammers vary in models, sizes and designs which are the main determinants of its costs. However, the average cost of a jackhammer ranges from $175-$220.

Renting Vs Buying A Jack Hammer

Renting or buying a jack hammer depends on the nature of the project. If you need a jackhammer to demolish a pavement or break down an unwanted structure around the yard, you may need to rent a jackhammer owing to the fact that it is for a one-time purpose.

Renting a jackhammer in this case is cost beneficial, and would save you costs on maintenance and storage.

On the other hand, if you require a jackhammer for industrial and commercial mining or construction projects over a long period, the use of the jackhammer in this case would be continuous.

Buying a jackhammer in this case may seem cost beneficial, saving you the time and cost of always renting a jackhammer for your construction projects. 

Jack Hammer Rental At Home Depot

Home Depot offers tool rental for jack hammers. You can rent 20 LB Demolition Hammer, 27 LB Demolition Hammer, PRO Breakers and other top quality, reliable jackhammers from Depot.

Home Depot Jack Hammer Rental Cost

The rental cost for a jackhammer at selected Home Depot rental store locations in the United States and Canada is calculated on a 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly and monthly basis. It is represented as follows:

Note: The rental cost of a jackhammer represented above may likely vary among selected Home Depot rental stores worldwide.

How To Rent A Jack Hammer From Home Depot

Renting a jackhammer at Home Depot is pretty easy. The following procedures should guide you on how to rent a jackhammer from Home Depot. They include:

Jack Hammer Rental At Lowes

Lowes offers tool rental for jackhammers. Rent Bosch 120-Volt Corded Demolition Hammer useful for breaking through hard concrete surfaces, and other high quality and well-branded jackhammers.

Lowes Jack Hammer Rental Cost

The rental cost for jackhammers at Lowes rental stores across the United States and Canada is calculated on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It is represented as follows:

Note: The above rental cost for a jackhammer may likely vary at Lowes rental store locations across the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

Lowes Tools Rental: Jack Hammer Rental Tips

You can easily rent a jackhammer at Lowes, the following procedures should guide you on how to effectively rent a jackhammer. They include:

Cheap Jack Hammer Rental Near You

Comparing the cost of jackhammer rental at both home improvement stores will leave us with similar rental costs charged by both, however, one slightly cheaper than the other.  

Home Depot charges between $48-$828 for (4-hour, 24-hour, daily, and weekly rentals) for jackhammers, while at Lowes it ranges between $46-$824 for the same duration. 

Thus, in comparison of their costs, Lowe’s is more affordable among the two.

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