A Kitchen is an area where most of the work in the house takes place. It can often be challenging to keep it neat, clean and presentable. Your kitchen is not only a workplace but an area that is also used for gatherings. 

To have your kitchen look not just neat and tidy but modern and fabulous as well, a little customization on your part can do a lot. The following tips don’t need you to spend loads of money on refurbishing your kitchen, but they are inexpensive, and you can do them on your own.

Make It Colorful

Your kitchen may feel like a tiresome place to you if there is a dull color on it or the paint has gotten quite old. To make it lively and exciting for you to work in it, you can change the color to a brighter tone.

People are going for red or blue these days, but you can choose whatever you like. Your kitchen can be of monochrome shades, or you could go with color contrasts, for example, you can paint your kitchen that has white-colored walls and grey cabinets. 

You can also have patterned walls by applying wallpaper that matches the color of your kitchen. Doing this will give your kitchen a creative look. However, if your kitchen appliances are old and rusty then a painting it won’t do much for it.

Put Up Floating Shelves

Kitchens are becoming more and more open as time goes. In the past, they used to be situated in closed up spaces and had doors that shut them like other rooms. Now most kitchen can be seen through the living room.

A spacious kitchen has better ventilation and a person can multi-task while working in it. To give your kitchen more of a modern look install shelves on one or all the walls; the decision is yours.

These shelves let you place your dishes on display, which are also easier to access. You can set different things on them including vases, cheese boards, spoons, plants, kitchen appliances, fruits and the list goes on.

Artistic Touch

Various pictures, paintings, album covers can be hung on empty kitchen walls to give them a creative touch. You can also paint an image of a prominent object or write some quotes.

An inspiring image painted on a wall of your kitchen has the potential of motivating you and signify bliss. You can add drawings of various symmetrical shapes to give it a luxurious look and if you’re looking to replace your appliances from a notable supplier, this can be a helpful resource for luxury appliances.

If you can’t decide on what to put on your wall, then you can add chalkboard paint to it or your backlash. This paint lets you write and draw images on walls with the advantage of being able to erase them just like a chalkboard.

Hang Decorations

Every kitchen has decorations like flower vases, pots or various items on counters and window sills. As for ceiling decorations, most people don’t go for it because they think only big kitchens can afford that luxury. However, you can add hanging decorations that are affordable to your kitchen, which can be large lamps or bulbs.

You can also purchase inexpensive, tiny chandeliers to give your kitchen that lavish look. Other than these you can also hang flower pots. These decorations are to be added on the area above your island or dining table so that no heads are hurt by hitting them.