According to Janet, when it was time to make the tough decision of putting her dear old granddad in an aged care home, she asked her assistant to put together a list of top-quality care homes in their precinct and forward it to her email.

She painstakingly researched each name online, printed their brochures, and then took them to Grandpa Genie’s house.

Grandpa Genie had worked in the health industry all his life, and there was no way to decide to put him in a care home without consulting him, as he was the one to suggest that he needed it in the first place.

To Janet’s greatest surprise, Grandpa didn’t care about the high tech facilities, fancy buildings, or an extensive list of recreational activities.

All he asked each time a brochure was placed in front of him was about the landscape, not just any landscape too; Genie wanted to see a well-maintained landscape with trimmed lawns, blossoming gardens, and creatively planted trees.

An incredible landscape by Universal City landscaping professionals was the only selling point for dear old Genie.

This story above was narrated to me by my friend Janet, and it made me see the importance of aged care landscape maintenance.

Most older adults want a retirement home with an aesthetically pleasing landscape. I’ll share some tips from about critical landscape maintenance practices for aged care homes in the following pages.

5 Key Landscape Maintenance Tips for Aged Care Homes

 1. Regular Mowing

Mowing the lawn is a crucial tip in giving our landscapes a clean and appealing look.

Besides making our landscape look trimmed and manicured, the mowing also helps keep dangerous pests and insects away, which may be harmful to our old-timers’ health. While just anyone can cut their lawn at home, one may require professional help for aged care landscape maintenance.

2. Regular Leaf Removal

Nothing defeats a beautiful landscape like a pile of leaves pooled up or scattered all over the grounds and garden. Even if this bit seems like a no brainer and not worth mentioning, the keyword here is “regular.”

The practice of leaf removal has to be as often as possible and, depending on the season, probably daily.

Leaves that are left to pile up detract beauty from the landscape and encourage unwanted insect pests and rodents to become tenants, which is scary when you consider that we are talking about aged care homes.

3. Aeration

This practice is one of those aged care landscape maintenance practices that should be left to the professionals. That’s because if aeration is done improperly, it can have adverse consequences such as permanent damage to the lawn.

The lawn needs room to breathe; proper aeration makes holes throughout the landscape to allow sufficient nutrients, water, and air to penetrate beyond the surface, leading to a healthy, full, and thick lawn.

4. Fertilization

Fertilizers are essential ingredients in having a healthy landscape. They make the entire turf fuller and greener; they also make the lawn so thick that it limits weed growth chances.

While anybody can go to their local agricultural store and buy quality effective fertilizers, applying these fertilizers to get optimal results should be left to the professionals who specialize in aged care landscape maintenance.

5. Regular Watering of the Lawn

According to Janet, lots of the landscapes they saw needed watering. A long-lasting solution to the tiring process of manual watering of the lawn is to install one of those latest irrigation systems that come equipped with weather sensors.