Unless you happen to spend time in your attic frequently, you might not be aware of a hidden danger that could be lurking up there. No, it’s not a masked man with a knife–hopefully–or a haunted doll. It could be a leaky roof.

This damage may not be noticeable from the outside. Indeed, if you take a look at your roof, you may think that your shingles look great. Everything is where it needs to be and there doesn’t seem to be any holes or missing shingles.

Because of that, you may not think twice about checking your attic for signs of water damage. This is a terrible mistake to make.


Although it may be a pain to climb up into your attic, you should check for water damage regularly. At the first sign, you should contact roofing companies Portland Oregon to determine the problem.

In some cases, all you might need is a patch to fix the roof. In other cases, it may be time for a complete overhaul of the roof. Either way, it’s a problem that has to be fixed before the problem worsens.

A little bit of water may not seem all that bad to you. However, water in your attic could become a dangerous situation.

Rotten Wood

When water leaks into your attic, it’s immediately eating away at the wood. Erosion occurs, and the longer you leave that water there, the worse the condition of the wood becomes.

Structural elements can decay and become brittle. In time, they may collapse, and your attic–and thus roof–could cave into your home.


Depending on the circumstances, this could end up proving to be a lethal situation. Not to mention, you’ll have to evacuate the premises until the damage can be fixed.


Water also breeds mold. This mold can be inhaled into your lungs and develop breathing problems. As such, deadly illness can be contracted among your whole household.

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