5 Ways on How to Light Up Your Home This Holiday Season

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It’s already the Holiday Season, and it’s time to think of ideas on how to light up your home. You’re there pondering what outdoor holiday lights should you put up and what lighting theme will you do.


The world is using more electricity on Christmas Season more than what it uses in a whole year. Electric bills skyrocket because of the lighting show that you want to boast to your neighbors. It’s time to rethink this year’s light fest. Look for alternatives and reconsider the plan. Less can be more!


Now, if you’re the type who loves to go all out with an extensive outdoor Christmas lighting, you must have an electrical inspection first and ensure that the electrical system of your house can handle all the stress. Keep safety first. Start and end the Holiday Season safe.


During Christmas, some houses burn down because of faulty electrical lightings. If you don’t want an electrical meltdown or a fire to ruin your Holidays, you should ask for an inspection and make sure that it covers fault detection, include surge protection and power and lighting points.




We have here the five ways on how to light up your home this Holiday Season.


1. Minimal Holiday Lights

Merely stream a string of lights around your windows’ edges if you prefer a minimalist look. It does a perfect job of reminding each one of celebrating the wonderful season, but it’s not enough to get your address registered on Google Maps.

An additional stream of fairy lights on the door and across the roof screams stylish and subdued.


2. Complete Coverage

Make your home the star of the neighborhood and give it the makeover it deserves. Cover it whole and with enough effort surround your house with enough lights to light up the street. Check your neighborhood and style your place to the theme that will suit it. If you live in an area with a lot of children, you’d want lights that bring the Christmas cheer to everyone.


3. Garden Lights

Use the garden and decorate the fence, bushes, and trees with lightings. Add mood and create a spectacular sight to your yard. You can use solar lights for tree lightings. When putting up the lights ask for someone’s help and use a secure ladder. You wouldn’t want to spend your Holidays in the hospital.


4. Follow a Theme

Have a theme for each year. You can create a lighting show based on a recent movie or from Christmas children’s story. Add a twist to your décor and invite your neighbors to a party where each one has to dress with the year’s theme. This event increases socialization and bonding between you and your neighbors all the while enjoying the holiday season.


5. Build with Your Neighbors

Talk with your neighbors and create a theme for the year’s holiday season. Each house has to decorate their yard following the theme separately. Or you can build a single idea across several yards. Whichever you chose, make sure that all is done to help you and your neighbors get closer than you are now.