Whether you are into old design concepts or new, you probably think of lighting as more functional than artistic. Today’s designers, however, are looking for creative ways to blend function with aesthetics which is why home decorators are finding their innovative creations must-haves. Whether you buy a high-end designer piece or have our 24 hour electrician Las Vegas experts create it, here are nine brilliant electrical décor ideas that will light up your home.


  1. Industrial



Industrial lighting is based on a modest, practical design concept which uses a variety of salvaged items like repurposed wood, metal pipes, or cast iron. Typically, industrial lighting adopts early century design concepts which give a room character and definition.


  1. Chandeliers



Chandeliers make statements. Originally, they held candles, but the chandeliers of today are eco-friendly and chic. Chandeliers first became popular around the mid-century in American homes. Today, they are typically made with contemporary buyers in mind. From more luxurious suspended designs to unique mounted wall pieces, their illuminating effect makes this lighting design the focal point of a room’s décor.


However, it wouldn’t be fair for us to talk about chandeliers without giving a warning, according to Henderson Electricians from Las Vegas, DIY chandelier projects frequently end in disaster. This project might be better left to the pros!


  1. Rustic



Rustic lighting is about as Americana as you can get. Blending natural resources and hand-made materials like leather or woodwork infuses nature with skilled labor techniques. This design has clean lines that blend new materials with an antique feel.


  1. Funky Table Lamps



This type of design is for the lighting connoisseur as funky table lamps are all about defining your character and design style. It is also a nice way to break up the monotony of your home by adding an interesting element to an otherwise classic or modern style.


  1. Handmade Lighting



This form of lighting is all about creativity and artistic expression. It also allows creators to use whatever materials they have on hand which creates a unique lighting style that sets your home apart from your neighbors.


  1. Pipe Lighting Décor


One of the most interesting uses of pipes come from the creative innovation of their lighting designs. As a wall sconce, a wall pipe light, or a table lamp with a pipe base, the metallic coloring blends well with most color schemes.


  1. Geometric Floor Lamps



Floor lamps may take on a variety of sizes and geometric shapes that add depth to a room’s interior. From the shifting Golden Floor Lamp to the triangular Ocre Floor lamp, this style offers users functionality, visibility, and accessibility.


  1. Reclaimed Lighting


Anything these days can be reclaimed and made into lighting. From thrift shops to flea markets, materials are readily available and affordable which makes reclaimed lighting fun accessories. The pieces are also one-of-a-kind which makes them attractive décor.


  1. Contemporary Lighting


From a pendant shape to a chic wall sconce, contemporary lighting is all the rage because this style has a wide range of influences from previous design movements. The abundance of available lighting adds a beautiful element that adds decorative elements which set this simple design concept apart from the other styles.

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