Having a beautiful garden to walk through every day is almost everyone’s dream. There is nothing like natural greenery to come home to at the end of each busy day. But the harsh summer months can make tending to a garden a tiresome task — the heat and humidity characteristic of the season make staying outdoors almost unbearable.

So why not take your garden indoors with you?

If you are one of those people without the proverbial green thumb, below is a list of low maintenance plants, compiled by luxury real estate developers, that you may want to consider making part of your indoor garden.

5 Beautiful No-Fuss Houseplants

●      Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant which originates from China is extremely easy to cultivate indoors. Its wonderfully rich green foliage usually obscures the small purple flowers which appear near the soil.

The cast iron plant’s foliage lasts up to about two weeks, with a mature plant reaching a maximum height of around two feet. Its glossy, dark green leaves are a great complement to cut flower arrangements.

This plant, which thrives on low light, is not sensitive to irregular watering and can flourish even in the worst conditions.

●      Madagascar Dragon Tree

This beautiful statuesque plant can grow as high as your regular house ceiling. Otherwise known by its scientific name Dracaena marginata, the Madagascar dragon tree is a stiff-leaved house plant with red edges.

Thriving best in bright but indirect sunlight, the Madagascar dragon tree is ideal to grow or set against a blank wall or at the edge of your sofa or couch to serve as a focal point. It can also be used to obscure your home interiors, giving you a modicum of privacy. T

his hardy plant can withstand dry conditions, so if you miss a watering schedule by a day or two, you needn’t worry about it wilting.

●      Lucky Bamboo

Usually associated with feng shui and Chinese culture, the lucky bamboo (a.k.a. Dracaena sanderiana or braunii) grows best in bright light, and makes a fabulous corner and centerpiece. It thrives in both water and soil so it can be found in various forms and arrangements.

If your lucky bamboo is kept in water, you may change the water occasionally (weekly or every 10 days), or when the water starts to smell. Since it is sensitive to hard water (high mineral content), use distilled or purified water, and only keep it submerged up to the roots.

Lucky bamboo kept in soil survives for years with nothing but clean water. The plant food called Green Green is popular among lucky bamboo growers.

●      Snake Plant

Another model house plant you should consider keeping is the snake plant. It is extremely low maintenance and attractive in an artsy way.

The snake plant only needs to be watered sparingly and is highly tolerant of low light. Add only a little all-purpose fertilizer in the pot and it’s good to go.

●      Pothos

This beautiful trailing vine with glossy heart-shaped leaves is also called Epipremnum aureum and makes for a great hanging plant. When allowed to thrive under ideal growing conditions, pothos can grow well above 40 feet. It can be grown in water or kept in soil.

For watering, use distilled or rainwater or any type of purified water. Pothos is great for filling out a dull corner, and can save you space when installed as a hanging plant.

 A Healthy Effect

Aside from the obvious aesthetic impact of having house plants, they also give the added benefit of the purifying air of pollutants like formaldehyde present in wrinkle-free cloth products, various types of ink, lotions, shampoos and other toiletries, household cleaning agents, and in building materials (plywood, particle board, fiberboard, timber paneling, etc.).

Xylene is present in some solvent applications for the printing industry, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, etc. Carbon monoxide is produced where there is fire, including the kitchen and fireplace. Small amounts of benzene are present in rubbers, lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs, pesticides, etc.

Other plants with similar air purifying effects include the spider plant, Boston fern, Areca palm, golden pothos, aloe vera and peace lily.

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