Lowes boasts of a well-stocked inventory of tools which are useful for home improvement, decoration and construction purposes. Therefore, the following are rental equipments you can get from Lowes, they include: 

Lowes Tools Rental List

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list of equipments available lowes tools rental lowes tools rental list

Lowes Tools Rental List

Lowes Chain Saw Rental

The Chainsaw rental is an outdoor equipment useful for pruning, trimming and cutting through logs or unwanted trees around your yard. It is a best used tool for giving your yard the perfect landscape that suites your needs.

Lowes inventory for Chainsaws include

Gas Chainsaws, Corded Electric Chainsaws, Cordless Electric chainsaws can be found amongst lowes tools rental list also.

Gas Chainsaws: These are cordless heavy duty chainsaws used basically for cutting through very thick trees or logs around one’s yard. Gas Chainsaws are the most heaviest and powerful chainsaws.

Corded Chainsaws: These are corded electrically-powered chainsaws, quiet and easy to use as they require little maintenance. They are best suited for pruning and limbing.

Cordless Chainsaws: These are battery-powered chainsaws which are lightweight and easy to use. They are suitable for smaller jobs, and require little maintenance. Cordless chainsaws run on rechargeable batteries.

Lowes Stump Grinder Rental

Stump grinders serving a similar purpose to chainsaws, but in this case are used for removing tree stumps for the yard. Stump grinders are able to remove tree stumps by gradually chipping away at the stump before it gives away.

Lowes inventory for Stump grinder include

A Detail K2 Gas Power Stump Grinder 14HP with HD Commercial Frame. As the name implies, it is a gas-powered stump grinder, making it very effective for stump eradication.

Lowes Engine Hoist Rental

An engine hoist also called, engine lifter is a tool for lifting engine out of a car, truck, trailer and so on.

Lowes inventory for Engine Hoist include

A K-Tool International automotive engine Hoist 

Lowes Dethatcher Tool Rental

A dethatcher is a useful lawn tool also referred to as a vertical mower, because it possesses a series of vertically shaped blades used to cut across a lawn’s thatch layer, i.e. to dethatch the lawn.

Lowes inventory for Dethatchers include

A Greenworks 14-inch Dethatcher, Agri-Fab 40-inch Dethatcher, Agri-Fab 48-inch Dethatcher, CRAFTSMAN 40-inch Dethatcher and so on.

Lowes Rototiller Rental

Rototillers are another set of gas or electrically-powered lawn tools used for churning and loosening the soil.

Lowes inventory for Rototillers include

CRAFTSMAN 208-cc 24-in Front-Tine Forward Rotating Tiller CARB, Mantis Mini Tiller/Cultivator 25-cc 9-in Front Tine Forward-Rotating Tiller CARB.

Lowes Concrete Grinder Rental

These are useful for grinding and leveling concrete floor surfaces thereby giving it a smooth finishing.

Lowes inventory for Concrete Grinders include

Corded Angle Grinders, Cordless Angle Grinders

DEWALT Silicon Carbide $.5-in Grinding Wheel, DEWALT Diamond 4-in Cup Wheel, and others.

Lowes Ladder Rental

Ladders are used for climbing or moving up light/heavy weight objects to heights out of reach.

Lowes inventory for Ladders include

Fiberglass Ladders (Heavy-duty construction ladders, suitable for electrical jobs), Aluminum Ladders (portable, useful for lightweight jobs, not suitable for electrical related jobs), Multi-position Ladders, step ladders and others.

Lowes Aerator Rental

Aerators are used to dig small holes in the soil thereby allowing the passage of air, water and nutrients into the soil.

Lowes inventory for Aerators include

Sun Joe 12.6-inch Spike Lawn Aerator, John Deere 40-inch Lawn Aerator, CRAFTSMAN 36-inch Spike Lawn Aerator, and others.

Lowes Power Rake Rental

A Power Rake serves almost the same function of a Dethatcher. It is useful for removing thatch that blocks water, air and nutrients from getting to the soil.

Lowes inventory for Power Rake include

Kobalt 36-inch Landscape Rake, CRAFTSMAN 15-inch Thatching Rake, Blue Hawk 26-inch Leaf Rake, and others.

Lowes Bobcat Rental

Bobcats are large outdoor tools and equipments most especially Skid Steers, Excavators, useful for heavy duty operations.

Lowes inventory for Bobcats include

Various Riding Lawn Mowers are also included in the Lowes tools rental list.

Lowes Wood Chippers

Wood Chippers are useful for chipping away on hard wood or tree trunks to smaller wood chips.

Lowes inventory for Wood Chippers include

Country Pro 6.5HP Wood Chipper, Sun Joe 14-AMP Steel Electric Wood Chipper, Earthquake K32 Wood Chipper.

Lowes Auger Rental

An Auger is a drilling tool which is best suitable for drilling holes in wood or in the ground.

Lowes inventory for Augers include

Auger Bits, Auger Powerheads, Earthquake.43cc One-Man Auger Powerhead, Earthquake E43 1 Person 43cc 2-inch

Lowes Pallet Jack

Pallet Jacks are lifting tools, useful for lifting heaving objects or construction materials on/off trucks.

Lowes inventory for Pallet Jacks include

edsal 5500-Ib Capacity Orange Steel Heavy duty Pallet

Lowes Truck and Trailer Rental

Trucks and Trailers are useful for hauling heavy objects that are near impossible for a car to convey. They also come in handy in rough terrains that cars can’t go through.

Lowes inventory for Trucks and Trailers include

Chevy Silverado 1500s (8-ft bed and standard cab and can haul loads weighing up to a ton)

Lowes Sod Cutter Rental

Sod Cutters are useful for removing and relocating sods from one point to another.

Lowes inventory for Sod Cutters include

Corona SodPLUGGER, Yard Butter Sod Plugger

Lowes Riding Lawn Mower Rental

A Lawn Mower is used evenly cutting off grass surfaces to your desired height.

Lowes inventory for Riding Lawn Mowers include

Electric Riding Mowers, Gas Riding Mowers, Zero-Turn Riding Mowers.

Lowes Nail Gun Rental

A nail gun is useful for drilling holes into wood surfaces and other similar materials. It is essential if you want to drill in a large quantity of nails while on a project.

Lowes inventory for Nail Gun include

Cordless Nailers, Pneumatic Nailers, Pneumatic Staplers.

Lowes Jack Hammer Rental

A Jack Hammer is used for breaking down hard walls made with concrete surfaces.

Lowes inventory for Jack Hammer include

Bosch 120-Volt Corded Demolition Hammer, DEWALT 120-Volt Corded Demolition Hammer.

Lowes Scissor Lift Rental

Scissor Lift are construction tools which be elongated to work in higher elevations. It is designed to elevate both workers and their tools to great heights.

Lowes inventory for Scissor Lift include

Electric Scissor Lift, Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, SkyJack Scissor Lift.

Lowes Post Hole Digger Rental

A Post Hole Digger is a tool useful for digging narrow holes in order to install posts, signs and so on.

Lowes inventory for Post Hole Digger include

Blue Hawk 14-inch Post Hole Digger, CRAFTSMAN 9-inch Fiberglass Handle Post Hole Digger, Kobalt 11.25-inch Post Hole Digger.

Lowes Generator Rental

Generators are used in place of electricity from the national grid, to generate electricity needed to power up tools and equipment while working.

Lowes inventory for Generators include

Portable Generators, Inverter Generators, Home Standby Generators and Portable Solar Generators.

Lowes Drain Snake

Drain Snakes are plumbing tools useful for dislodging clogs in plumbing to keep things flowing smoothly.

Lowes inventory for Drain Snake include

Flexi Snake Plastic Drain Stick, Cobra Rubber Bladder.

Lowes Mini Excavator Rental

An Excavator is an heavy duty construction equipment, useful for digging out earth and moving large objects/earth material from point to another.

Lowes inventory for Excavator include: 4-ton Mini Excavator which you can find online in the lowes tools rental list.

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  1. Looking to rent a power tool to drill two holes for alumnin rail to step down to pool.
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