Summer is right around the corner, knocking upon our doors with full force. This season is one of the most sought after as in its people bloom with joy.

From various outdoor activities to exploring the globe, summer allows you to enjoy in full vigor thoroughly. However, with it comes to the next issue of rising temperatures. In some parts of the world, the scorching summer can make things very difficult.

Sustaining the indoor temperature for your house can become an insensitive thing. Well, with these seven simple tricks, you can adequately maintain the indoor temperature of your room without any hassle. 

comfortable indoor temperature for your home

Invest In Blinds:

The quickest and the fastest way to control the indoor temperature of your place is by investing in window fixtures. These can be curtains, blinds, or any kinds of shades that set well with your theme—these help in blocking out the full heat of the summer sun.

At peak hours of the day, if you drape your windows with blinds, it helps in keeping the internal temperate much lower. That makes the walls of a particular room absorb less heat, which in turn keeps them fresher for more extended periods.

Make sure that during the warmest part of the day, you have firmly closed both your window and curtains or blinds so that the glass does let the heat penetrate to a great extent. 

Air Conditioning Fixtures: 

An air conditioner is your best friend. Seriously, nothing can help you regulate the indoor temperature as well as an air conditioner. Living in warmer areas like Florida, the need for an air conditioner becomes much more crucial.

When summer is approaching fast, be sure that all your air conditioner fittings are in optimum condition. This way, you can keep the internal temperature maintained in the most natural form ever. There are a great many options for air conditioning companies Orlando FL that can help you with all kinds of hacks that include installation and repairs.

You can even go for a centralized air conditioning unit that can regulate the indoor temperature of the whole house equally. That does come in handy to fight off all the summer woes. 

Be Careful With Lights:

Who does not like lights? To be honest, a well-lit home is much more attractive than one that is slightly dingy and dark. However, the cause of concern here is that individual lights tend to emit heat that is quite high in intensity.

You might have about five different light fixtures in the room, and if even one of them is discharging high levels of heat, then the indoor temperature may rise faster than you think.

The best way to counter this is to go for lights that are weather resistant and do not radiate any kind of warmth. This way, you can use all the lights in your house when you need them without the concern of having higher internal temperatures. 

Build Your Air Cooler:

It is a pretty cool tip that can go a long way. That is one trick that evidently, most of our grandma’s used to maintain the indoor temperatures.

If you do not have an air conditioner handy and are in dire need to reduce the internal temperatures, then make your air cooler. All you need for this is a fan and some ice. Yes, you read that right.

Building a temporary air cooler is a simple as that. Place a bowl filled with ice in front of the fan. As the breeze wafts through the slowly melting ice, the chilled water vapors are released into the air.

When blended with the fast-moving air, it produces a very chilly gust that can keep the area quite cold for a certain amount of time. 

Let Cool Air In:

Many people do not tend to open their windows often, especially in the summers. It is the quickest tip that can help you maintain the indoor temperature for your home or any other place. It is evident that during the peak warm points, there is no point in opening the windows.

Nevertheless, when the runt of the heat is over, it is best to open the windows of a particular room and let the air. It keeps the ventilation balanced and the environment fresh as well. When the cold air is given in the place, then it automatically lowers the overall temperatures also.

A stuffy room can be a significant cause of raised internal temperatures as well. So opening up the windows can counter that in the most effective way ever. 

Portable Fans: 

Portable fans are Godsend to us. The way these little machines work wonders is genuinely fabulous. If you live in a hotter part of the world, then you must invest in one of these. The good thing is that you can bring them with you anywhere that you are.

A ceiling fan is fixed and can only work in one particular area, whereas a portable fan is very beneficial as you can switch the position for it according to your need.

Apart from giving you the perfect indoor temperatures, portable fans are very cost-effective. You are not required to spend buck loads of cash on acquiring one of them. 

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat:

If you have not upgraded, then it is high time that you do. A smart thermostat can help you in maintaining the indoor temperature in the most operational way. Intelligent thermostats can intelligently regulate your cooling temperatures, even when you are not there to oversee things.

When the internal temperature has reached a suitable level, these thermostats automatically shut down and save energy as well. In the energy-consuming world we living in today, a smart thermostat surely is the most intelligent choice to go. 


These seven tips can go a long way in helping you to maintain the indoor temperatures of the area to the optimum level.

Starting right from air conditioners to building air coolers of your own, you can pick and see which option is viable and the most efficient for your use in every way. Be smart about the way you deal with the heat!