Soft mattresses may give you comfort at first contact, but the coziness is usually short-lived. A firm mattress is what offers you adequate support for your body, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. As time goes by, even the firmest mattress gives in and goes soft on you.

The more softness your mattress attains, the more it sags, particularly in the mid-spine section, which will strain your spinal column and deteriorate your comfort and pleasure, sometimes a lot sooner than its lifespan is due.


When your mattress starts to become too soft, here are eight simple tips you can employ to make it firmer and of better service to you:

Get a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is padding specially made to fix the sagging of a mattress. Usually, a topper is made with foam like mattresses, the common one being memory foam. The topper goes on top of the bed, and some even have straps that you can wound on your first mattress.

A mattress topper is necessary if you still have faith in your mattress in that it could serve you a lot longer, so you can avoid buying a new one.

These paddings differ in type, and while some like the pillow-material topper can soften a too firm mattress, thicker padding will make firmer your bed by adding extra support to the saggy sections.

Flip your mattress

Your mattress is two-sided for a reason. As a rule in mattress maintenance, flipping your mattress back and forth every few months lets your mattress wear off evenly. Whether or not you have been practicing this rule, if you feel like the side you sleep on is getting too soft for your convenience, flip it. The unused side usually tends to be firmer than the other.

You can also rotate so that the mid-section of the mattress and the headrest section gets a different feel of firmness.

Regulate the room temperature

Mattresses are generally affected by temperature changes, so that, as the temperatures rise, the softer your bed will feel. The adjustments to temperatures are how your mattress allows for more air circulation, to minimize heating up of your body and occasional sweating.

If you live in a very warm region, you want to control the temperatures in your room. Keep the temperatures cooler, and this way, your mattress will be firmer than otherwise.

Properly support your mattress

Before you complain that your bed has too much given in some sections, ensure that you give it proper support. Adequate support allows your mattress to wear out evenly, and so you will not experience unmerited sagginess in some sections.

You can choose plywood to place beneath your mattress, between the bed frame and the box spring. The plywood base is more evened-out a surface, and the extra support will balance out the weight of your body vis a vis that of your mattress.

When getting plywood, be sure to take the exact measurement of your bed, lest you bring in one that will accentuate the imbalance. Make sure the plywood you bring home is correctly sanded for evenness on the edges and sides, and not treated.


Replace your box spring

As emphasized above, mattresses need adequate support. It may be that your box spring is worn out due to constant use, and hence is losing its functionality. Instead of having to replace your mattress, check the condition of your box spring.

A better box spring will give a proper lift to your mattress, and with the appropriate height, the surface you sleep on will be more evened out, firmer and flatter.

Use the floor as your support

If acquiring plywood is not a viable option for you, then you should consider placing your mattress on the floor. The good thing about the floor is that it offers solid support to your mattress with perfect levelness all through, even though you do not have any control over the desired heights of your bed.

Further, if you have a hard time controlling the temperatures in your bedroom, then the floor will help cool off your mattress since, more often than not, the floor is cooler than most other surfaces in the house.

Get rid of mold, mildew, and dampness

Our bodies keep producing fluids that if accumulated on a mattress for too long, start producing mold and mildew. If your mattress is damp, for whatever reason, then the foam will soak in the moisture and sag in those specific areas, sometimes too much. If this keeps on, the softness will be permanent.

Determine to air your mattress out in the sun so the dampness can dry out, and air can circulate in, through and out. The result is that your mattress will not only be firmer than was before, but it will also help you get rid of mold, mildew, and other bacteria and germs.

Keep your bedding spread out smooth and flat

The struggle to make your bed and keep it neat and tidy might pay off when it comes to making your mattress firmer. While there is no direct or immediate effect of a well-spread bed, the firmness of your mattress bed could benefit here.

Choose bed sheets that are of the suitable size of your bed, and when you spread them, ensure you pull them out tightly from side to side, and top to bottom. The sheets will apply some pressure to the mattress when they are laid out smooth, flat and tight, which might firm up your mattress. If not, then the flatness of your spread allows you a leveled rest, allowing you to wear out your bed evenly.


Mattresses can be sentimental to people, and given the hefty price tags that some of them come with, it makes sense to want to preserve them a lot longer. Before you can try changing the firmness of your mattress, check with your manufacturers or vendors for matters to warranty, so that you are not invalidated from it. For more on the top qualities to look for in a mattress, visit,

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