Moving a piano requires expertise. Depending on the size and complications involved, you can think of hiring grand piano movers or you can follow these guide for the DIY approach. Let’s get started.

Tips to Move a Grand Piano:

  1. Understanding Your Piano.

Grand pianos are generally long and low, which enhances their sound over the upright ones. It additionally makes them take up significantly more floor space. Given that, such grand pianos are infrequently found in private homes as a luxurious piece of interior decor.

Moving an excellent piano of any size requires a similar essential strides when you are not taking help from professional grand piano movers.

  1. Planning the Course Ahead.

As continually, making room and making estimations are the primary strides to a fruitful piano move. As a result of the piano’s massive weight, it is by and large proceeded onward end, so double watch that any entryways you intend to move your piano through are sufficiently spacious enough to oblige its front-to-back length, with a few crawls to save.

On the off chance that the piano is too profound to fit through an entryway with a few crawls of leeway to extra, proficient help from south bay piano movers may be required.

  1. Setting Up Your Piano.

This is where the whole process of moving a piano becomes complicated and mind bending as compared to moving an upright one. The best way of moving a grand piano by following the expert way is to stack it up onto a moving slip board, which is nothing but a load holding board on wheels. Now with maximum number of people as a team, you need to lift the bass (left side) of the piano and disassemble the leg. Now carefully set up the piano on the ground and keep the legs covered in wraps. Once done, with the help of team, you need to cover up the entire piano body as well as the remaining legs.

Gear rental shops have the capacity to lease you the required tools in the event you don’t have them. Also, make sure that the highest point of the piano is safely secured in addition to the keyboard cover.

  1. The Final Move.

Now lift the piano from its back side towards the sky. At the same time, lift the console part from the ground as smoothly as possible at the moment. After you have adjusted the piano on the moving dolly, you can easily move it by simply pushing it from its back and meanwhile pulling it from the front side. You need to take help of extra participants on both sides so that the piano is kept in an upright position, avoiding any knocks, damages, or hits.

The main motive is to set up the musical instrument on its vertical side on the moving slip board. The bass side needs to be downside so that the treble side is facing upward and the keyboard vertical.

Don’t forget that the piano is always heavier on its bass end. It implies that the central point of adjusting it is probably near to the bass end as compared to the other side.

These tips will help you spare time and effort. In case you need assistance, you can contact any reliable grand piano movers for the moving task.


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