For most of us, a huge chunk of our adult lives will be spent in offices. Thus, it is imperative that we treat our second home the same way we do our first. To help with this, there is generally an accepted guideline that office workers should adhere to, and that is office etiquette.

Some say that it is just an unwritten agreement to ensure that people do not necessarily get on each other’s way. While others may, understandably, point out that this is what separates humans from animals.

Of all the rules that are to be followed, none are probably both as less discussed yet more divisive and controversial that toilet etiquette. In this article, we are going to talk about bathroom partitions and toilet partition etiquettes and how not to be a social pariah at your place of work.

Remember that you are not the only person who will be using the restroom. Making sure that everything is in, and that the next users will have utmost comfort is a sign that you respect that person no matter who he or she is.

Not only is toilet etiquette a social contract that people have to abide by to keep everyone feeling respected, it is also to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Despite toilets being routinely cleaned at regular intervals, it only takes one misbehaving user to render it unsanitary. The toilet, after all, is a natural breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.

Only leave when the Toilet Partition is clean

After using the toilet, make sure that it is clean for the next user. In this instance, clean could mean a lot of things but for etiquette’s sake, clean enough may not suffice.

You should leave it, at the very least, as clean as before you used it. Thus, if everyone follows this simple rule, then the toilet’s condition with regards to cleanliness will never deteriorate. There are simple things that you can do to make sure that the toilet is clean.

First, make sure that there are not any loose toiletries hanging about. Toilet papers are quite unsightly enough knowing what they are used for. Seeing them scattered about is quite rude for the next one to use the toilet.

You can do this by simply making sure that you use just enough toilet paper for your needs. This makes sure that there will not be any loose toilet paper after you are done. And this gives more toilet paper for the next user as well.

Both practices are good gestures for the next user. And finally, if you are unsure if the toilet bowl can take it, never flush your toilet papers down. Nothing can be more unpleasant than using a bathroom then knowing that the bowl is clogged.

Another thing that you can do, which should really not be mentioned anymore, is to not vandal. Too many times, vandalism and toilet partitions almost always go together.

This is actually one of the reasons why the toilet partition is often designed in a way where people can still somewhat see what the person is doing inside. At the very least, it can deter the vandal from doing his deed.

If you are a sort of person who gets tempted to do this, then you should at least be considerate to the person who will be cleaning up your mess. Not every establishment is wealthy enough to replace toilet partitions when they are ravaged beyond recognition.

Spare a thought for the janitor that has to clean up after you.

Double Check on the Toilet Partition Lock

One of the few rude things that you can do when using a toilet is if you do not clock up properly. No one wants to accidentally look at each other while one of you is in the most awkward position.

Save the other person the embarrassment and save yourself some pride. I am sure that this really needs not be said for a lot of us but, surprisingly enough, there are still a sizable number of people that neglect this basic rule.

Most modern toilet partitions have locks that automatically display if a person is inside after you lock it.

This gives you more reason to make sure that it is properly locked. And if a person does fail to see the sign and asks if there is someone in there, be polite enough to respond.

Some prefer a cough, which I believe is sufficient, but to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, clearly announcing your presence may also be considered to be polite.

After you are done with the toilet partition, make sure that you close the door. This way, it will be reverted into its natural state without people tripping over the loose door. And, having it closed also reduces the chances of any foul odor from escaping.

Let’s face it that you have to leave it a few moments before you can really be sure that the next person will not have to suffer from an assault to the senses.

Wait For Your Turn To Use The Toilet Partition

I have had some of the worst experiences when using the toilet with a vexing person who is supposed to go next.

Some people claim that it is an emergency which I can understand but repeatedly banging on the door will not make any person go any faster.

If anything, this just makes the person irritable and unable to rationally do what he or she has to do at the most efficient way possible. Thus, you could be waiting much longer for your troubles.

If you are the person on the other side of the toilet partition, there is perfectly good reason for you to ask the person to vacate as fast as he or she can. But after one statement, you should already stop there.

Wait for the person to finish and find other options for you to do your business. There may be open spots elsewhere.