9 Effective Tips to Set Up a Home Office Without Burning a Hole in Your Pocket

Ever since WFH has become a new norm, having a well-equipped and comfortable space to work at home has become a necessity as well as a proven method to increase productivity! However, there’s a lot to get done before you start buying stuff! Plan where to set up your workplace and how to decorate it.Check […]

Use Floral Designs in the Office to Increase Productivity

Office interior design ideas

Flowers enhance the office spaces and add color to the room. They also add value to the room especially when arranged in such a beautiful design. Aside from turning the office spaces into impressive and attractive area, flowers are also known to enhance the color of the room, boost the employees’ mood, increase their productivity, […]

Top 12 Flowers You Can Keep at the Office


Most of the time of an employee or employer is spent in the office. All throughout the day, you are probably sitting at your desks working and doing your tasks. This routine can be very tiring and stressful that sometimes employees tend to lack productivity. If you are in such a situation or you are […]

Toilet Partitions Etiquette At The Office

For most of us, a huge chunk of our adult lives will be spent in offices. Thus, it is imperative that we treat our second home the same way we do our first. To help with this, there is generally an accepted guideline that office workers should adhere to, and that is office etiquette. Some […]

How to Choose The Right Ergonomic Chair For Your Home Office

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You work in your home office is means you spend a great deal of time sitting on your desk. Back pain is a common problem for them who works for a long time by sitting on a desk. Especially for the regular employer, this is a common issue. Back pain is much uncomfortable to work […]

Classic Interior Design Tips For Your Office

how to create a home office

The workplace is a space where we spend almost half of our day and if it does not offer a welcoming and pleasing environment and giving a positive vibe then our work is also get affected. This is the main reason why you need the best office design to make it comfortable for your employees. […]

How to Transform a Tiny Nook into a Comfortable Home Office: 6 Design Ideas

how to create a home office

With most of the work already becoming accomplished digitally, many people have the luxury of earning while in the comforts of their own home. Whether you’re working from home full-time or just need an area where you can finish up leftover tasks for the day, you should consider transforming that previously useless nook into a […]