How would like to have your lawns? They should be lush green so that anyone can slide through without getting a scratch. This is how they maintain the football and cricket grounds all over the world. These lawns are full without any bare areas. How do they manage to have such healthy grass? Overseeding is one way to healthy, lush green lawns.

Why should you overseed the lawn?

Lawns can get old as well. Mowing the lawns can keep it short, but it does not allow propagating itself. It has to rely on rhizomes and stolons for further growth. Lawns can grow old as well. As it grows old, it will not be able to keep pace with the growth of weeds and other unwanted growth.

Secondly, you have different kinds of grass available today. It does make sense to integrate the older lawns with newer varieties so that you get a fresh crop of lawn that can stand the toughest of weather conditions.

This is possible only if you overseed them.

What is the ideal time for overseeding?

Logic says that spring is the ideal one because grass can grow beautifully in spring. However, spring is a short season. Hence, by the time you get ready, summer would approach. It can be tough for the grass to grow in summer with the longer days and shorter nights. Hence, it is better to wait until fall to set in.

The climate during fall is the best for seed germination. You have longer nights that are essential for the process. This explains why people prefer to overseed just about the time when summer ends.

How do you overseed the lawn?

The first step is to aerate the lawns. Once you are through with the aerating procedure, you can proceed with applying the new seeds using a fertilizer spreader. It is better to ensure that the new seeds fall into the aeration holes. This keeps the seeds moist thereby allowing for quicker germination.

Apply the fertilizers that you normally do so and water the lawns. You might have to water the lawns twice a day until new grass begins to sprout. It takes around two weeks for the germination. Continue with your mowing until it stops growing for the season. Choosing the right type of grass seed is important to get the bets results. You can read more information here –

What type of seed should you choose?

It depends on the climate. The nature of seeds also depends on the usage. You have drought resistant grasses in both warm and cool season species. You get cheap seeds as well. It is better not to opt for the cheaper variety because it can contain lot of weeds or rye grass. You would spend a lot of time in maintaining the lawns.

How do you prepare the lawn for fall?

The following steps will help you prepare the lawn for fall.

Final thoughts:

Overseeding and taking care of the grass during fall gives you the lush green look. It becomes soft to have a nice stroll and strong enough to last the entire season. Visit Top Gutter Guards to explore more about home improvement issues.


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