Sleeping on a bed is easy, rolling all over your bed feels great, however, having the ideal bed frame that completely complements your home’s interior is the hard part. Did anyone ever tell you that all beds are equal? Believe me, they didn’t tell you everything… it’s true that you can sleep on almost every bed, however, some beds are more equal to the task than others.

For those who have improper bed frames, you can ask them, it always results to numerous sleepless nights along with loads and load of other issues. I once had a tall friend who could not comfortably sit at the side of his bed, this is only because the bed frame is too short. How about the one whose bed collapsed while he was fast asleep? That will be a story for another day.


That being completely understood, we will agree that making the right choice when it comes to making the sacred decision for a bed is not as easy as just pointing fingers… it takes a bit of foresight and planning. Ultimately, it’s all worth the time and effort as the right bed frames come along for years together.

The Ideal Bed Frame Material

Right from the outset, before you start to think about the height of the bed and a host of other considerations, you should at first, look out for the perfect material that will complement your home’s interior design.

To choose the right material you have to consider key factors like durability design options, as well as compatibility with your existing bedroom set-up and design. For instance, a colonial style bedroom won’t play perfect host to an upholstered frame. Therefore, material type is one among the several decorative guidelines you’ll need to consider when choosing a bed frame.

The Perfect Bed Height

Trust me, I was definitely going to talk about this… Another very important aspect to address is the height of the bed frame. The perfect bed frame design should be ideally narrowed down with due considerations on the height of the people who will be the major users of the bed.

Although in some cases, height may not be considered to be a very important feature for persons who are tall, shorter individuals will certainly not be happy to have a bed that’s difficult to climb onto.


The Ideal Bed Budget

In my recent comparison between wooden and metallic bed frames, I realized that metal bed frames are often cheaper that their wooden counterparts. This is probably so because of the wide availability of the element, we can further also consider the fact that metal designs aren’t attractive.

However, if you aren’t too concerned about design and aesthetics, a metal bed frame is a sensible choice, as the element is robust enough to withstand considerable heft and offer adequate assistance to a mattress.

Finally, notwithstanding whatever choice you make, and whatever your budget is, I’ll always advise you to purchase a bed frame only and only after you have properly considered the above guidelines.  A good cot is nothing without the right mattress. If either of the two go wrong, it will mean several years of uncomfortable sleep. Therefore, don’t compromise on both ends.

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