Pole Saw

Pole saws are garden tools which are used for pruning shrubs and removing large-overgrown branches on trees. 

What Is A Pole Saw

The pole saw just as its name implies is like a saw on a long pole, whose design makes it a very efficient tool for the job of pruning shrubs and cutting off large branches that could pose a threat to passers-by.

pole saw rental stores near you

Pole Saw Rental

You can rent a pole saw from most garden centers across the United States and Canada, or check out Home Depot or Lowes Tool Rental Program, to get the right pole saw for your project.

How Much Does A Pole Saw Cost?

Pole saws exist in different types and models such as Electric-powered pole saws and Gas-powered pole saws. The average price of a pole saw ranges between $120-$450.

Rent Vs Buying A Pole Saw

Renting or buying a pole saw depends on the nature of the project or the frequency of its use. Pole saws are used for pruning shrubs and cutting down overgrown branches

If you require a pole saw for a one-time job of pruning shrubs or cutting off large branches, the need of the pole saw in this case is minimal. Therefore, renting the pole saw is cost beneficial, and would help to save additional costs on storage and maintenance.

However, if the need of a pole saw is largely for commercial purposes, it is cost beneficial to go for an outright purchase of the pole saw as it will be always demanded for by the professional. Buying the pole saw, will save the stress and cost of always paying rental each time you need the pole saw.

Pole Saw Rental At Home Depot

Home Depot offers tool rental for pole saws. Rent 12 in. – Gas Pole Saws, and other quality pole saws at Home Depot- ideal for extra-long reach for fast, easy and safe tree pruning in those hard-to-get applications; equipped with branch extractor.

Home Depot Pole Saw Rental Cost

The Home Depot Rental offers 4-hour, 24-hour, weekly and monthly dehumidifier rentals in select Home Depot locations across the U.S. and Canada. It is represented as follows:

Note: The above rental cost for pole saws may likely vary across selected Home Depot tool rental store locations.

How To Rent A Pole Saw From Home Depot

Renting a pole saw at Home Depot is pretty simple, you only need to follow through these procedures. They include:

Lowes Pole Saw Rental

Lowes offers tool rental for pole saws. Rent reliable and well-branded Gas Pole Saws, Corded Electric Pole Saws, and Cordless Electric Pole Saws to help you get rid of unwanted shrubs and large tree branches around your yard.

Pole Saw Rental Cost At Lowes

 The rental cost for pole saws at Lowes rental stores is calculated on an hourly, daily, weekly, and on monthly basis. It is represented as follows:

Note: The rental cost for pole saws represented above may likely vary across Lowes tool rental store locations in the United States and Canada.

Pole Saw Rental At Lowes

Renting a pole saw at Lowes is easy. The following steps should properly guide you towards renting your pole saw from Lowes. They include:

Home Depot charges $41-$696 for pole saw rentals, while Lowes charges $37-$680 for the same duration of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly pole saw rental.

Therefore, in comparison to both rental costs, Lowes charges lesser rental costs for pole saw than its counterpart Home Depot.

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