Pressure washing of a house has become a common phenomenon today. A number of people look forward to pressure washing their houses in order to clean them properly. Pressure washing, also known as power washing involves the use of a water spray having a high level of velocity in order to clean all kinds of dirt and residues from the exteriors of the house.

This kind of cleaning is considered as a preparatory step prior to whitewashing or re-painting your own house. The clean surface then permits the paint to last for a longer time period. You can easily make the use of a pressure washing equipment on a number of housing materials once you learn how to pressure wash a house.


The markets today are highly equipped with some of the most amazing electric pressure washer. The reviewers have been giving their positive electric pressure water reviews, thereby assuring you of their safe use. However, before you really begin with pressure washing a house using a pressure-washer, why not check here and understand there are a few things you must keep in your mind.

Following are the top 5 tips that you must follow to pressure wash your house.

  1. Select the right pressure washer:

If you don’t have a previously owned pressure washer, you must select the best washer that could fit all your needs as well as regular tasks. You must check out the pressure washer buying guide to know everything about the pressure washer belonging to any company. On the contrary, if you already own a pressure washer and have the same in your storage, you must make sure that it remains in a good working order. You must also not forget to review all the safety instructions in the operator’s manual prior purchasing as well as operating the pressure washer. Your pressure washer could dispense cleaning product as well as water. Hence, choose the right one.

  1. Keep the safety measures in mind:

Pressure washer could pose you a number of threats and dangers if in case they aren’t used correctly. The high-pressure of the water has all the possibilities to damage your property and cause serious injury to the same. Thus, you must keep all the safety measures in your mind before operating a pressure washer. You must wear eye as well as ear protection to protect all the sensitive organs of your body during its use. At the same time, you must not forget to wearing gloves, boots as well as a long-sleeved shirts while handling your pressure washer. Pay close attention to the direction of the nozzle while activating the sprayer. Be careful while cleaning around the frames, windows, doors, overhangs as well as screen enclosures of your house. Avoid the use of the tool if it is windy outside.

  1. Don’t overdo the pressure washer:

Not every job while cleaning your house requires the highest setting of the pressure. Thus, your pressure washer can work well even at the lowest of setting. You must never overdo the pressure washer just for the sake of using it or cleaning your house. You must apply chemicals properly from the ground up and then rinse from the very top down of the pressure washer during its use.

  1. Use a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas fresh:

Every outdoor power equipment requires a fresh fuel in order to perform at the best. Since the use of gas can become stale within 30 days, it could be harmful for the pressure washers to reload them on equal intervals. Thus, you must make the use of a fuel stabilizer in order to keep the fuel fresh and further your equipment running very smoothly.

  1. Know the limits of the machine:

Lastly, you must not forget to know the limits of your machines. No matter how hard you try, some stains are never going to come out and by the repeated use of high pressure you can easily damage the property as well as the equipment. Thus, you must work within the limits of your machine, no matter what.

Follow these easy-peasy tips before you begin to handle the pressure washer to clean your house. These tips would surely make the handling of your equipment easier and hassle-free.


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