Replacing the windows of your home is a quick way to not only decrease your energy bills but in increase the look and value of your home. New windows can do so much to change your lifestyle, but there is one thing you should never do with those new beauties. Install them yourself.

Yes, DIY projects have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but DIYing your brand new windows is not the way to go. These babies need a professional and experienced hand to make sure they are installed correctly and here is why…

Specialized Project

To install your replacement windows you are going to need specialized tools that allow you to flawlessly put each piece in place. Without these tools or trying to cut corners you risk the structural integrity or potentially breaking your windows mid-installation.

Do yourself a favor and higher a professional, it will be much cheaper.

Personalized Service

Some homes are standard, others need personalized care. Unfortunately, unless you are experienced in replacing windows, you do not know which category your home falls into. 

This is why it is best to call in the professionals and get some personalized guidance on what windows will be best for your home and issue you are trying to solve.

Great Value

There are a number of things that could go wrong when you fail to install your windows correctly. For example, you may not seal them as well as a professional and water can seep in during the rains. Or because they are not placed just right, heat and cooling easily escape your home.

Doing the complete opposite of what you were looking for in the first place. By seeking out a professional to install your windows you will be receiving the value you paid for your windows. Without it, you risk paying for future damages or reinstallation.

Long-Term Buy

When you buy your windows you most likely received a warranty. This warranty can be cashed in up until the point you install the windows yourself. In some warranties, it is considered void when the buyer or homeowner installs the windows themselves without having Andy professional experience.

Not only have you taken a risk in the first place of installing them yourself, but now you have eliminated your warranty safety net if something were to go wrong.


If you decide to DIY your windows yourself you are making the conscious decision to increase your chances of injury, while guaranteeing your chances of having to endure hard labor. This is also just if everything goes well.

No mind the scenarios if anything were to go wrong during the installation process. Allow yourself the time to relax and rest assured that the windows will be completed by professional and experienced hands.

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional to install your windows. Unfortunately, there are not many valid reasons to DIY this project. Consider these factors before continuing.

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