Whether you are building a new home and are trying to decide on a furnace, or are looking to replace your existing home heating system, you may find yourself wondering whether a propane or heating oil system is best for your New England home. Specifically, you may be wondering, “is propane or oil cheaper?” and “is propane or oil more efficient?”

These are important questions to ask when deciding on a new furnace and heating type. By learning more about heating oil and propane prices, efficiency, and other important factors, you can ultimately make the right decision for your needs.

Cost Considerations

In general, propane tends to be slightly less expensive per gallon than heating oil.  However, heating oil delivers 50% more BTUs (British Thermal Units) than propane, making heating oil generally more cost effective. Advantage: Heating Oil

Efficiency Considerations

The second key factor to evaluate is the efficiency of the two types of systems. Typically, the efficiency of an oil boiler/furnace is around 85%, whereas a propane boiler/furnace can be up to 95% efficient.

Propane systems are typically more expensive, but high efficidency systems may come with additional incentives from the government or manufacturer. Advantage: Propane

Other Considerations

Compared to heating oil, propane tends to be cleaner-burning, so there may be less maintenance required when it comes to caring for your propane boiler.

On the other hand, propane fuel can come with some dangers if you don’t know how to properly store and handle it. It is highly flammable, and even a small leak can be catastrophic under the right (or wrong) conditions. Advantage: Even

Which is Best for Your Home?

With these pros and cons in mind, how can you determine which heating type is ultimately best for your home? Your heating contractor should be able to walk you through the financial considerations for your specific home, accounting for all of the factors mentioned above.

When deciding on whether propane or heating oil is right for your New England home, be sure to keep not just fuel oil prices and BTUs in mind, but efficiency, maintenance, and other potential uses as well.

By carefully weighing all of these considerations, you’ll be able to make a confident choice that will keep your home nice and toasty through New England’s harsh winters for many years to come.


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